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Alpha One was founded by a couple of guys passionate about modifying their BMWs in every possible way with a hefty focus on audio improvements.

Our first big hit revolutionized the game of BMW audio upgrades with the world's first fully customized amplifier upgrade: the Alpha One Amplifier.
While our plug & play amplifier kept gaining momentum, we were working hard to create direct drop in replacement upgrade speakers for late model BMWs, to create a complete BMW sound system upgrade. Thanks to our superior knowledge of everything BMW and an unparalleled level of attention to detail, the Alpha One speaker system came out of the shadows and onto the market.

But! We haven’t said our last word yet — if you’ve been following us for a while you should already know we can’t sit down for too long, so you can expect even more to come.

Alpha One BMW Speaker Upgrade for [[tag1_and_mini]]

Increased clarity, power, and bass
DIY Plug and Play installation
Premium materials and build
2-year warranty and professional support

All New Alpha One Amplifier
for [[tag1_and_mini]]

1420-1680W MAX Output Power
Tailored for your and musical preferences
Customizable tune
DIY Plug and Play installation

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Buy audio upgrades

Get any upgrade 10% off or grab speakers and amp set 15% off with coupon XMASALPHA.

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Depending on the stereo system your F22 is featured with, your audio may already have plenty of power on tap and be quite pleasant, or be a low-tier option delivering hardly bearable, cardboardish sound. Either way, our Alpha One Speaker Upgrade and Alpha One Amplifier will significantly improve your 2 Series audio.

Expect punchy base, crisp, accurate mids and rich highs – not to mention a sound that’s tailored specifically for your musical taste. Thanks to the pre-tuned amplifier, your new audio will be suited to your F22’s dimensions and your musical preferences – the music you’re listening to and the way you like listening to it.

The BMW F22 audio upgrade will differ from system to system. So whether your car comes with Base (Stereo), Hi-Fi (S676A) or Harman Kardon (S674A), you’ll be offered a different amount of speakers. Decode your VIN to see the right BMW audio upgrade kit for your F22.

Talking of the install, BMW F22 sound system upgrade is a simple plug and play, fully reversible process that can be handled by a beginner DIY-er. Plus, all parts fit like factory ones, so there’s no need to alter your 2 Series components.

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