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Terms and Conditions

I. Payments

  1. BimmerTech FZE (based at LOB16 #228; Jafza; Dubai, UAE) accepts payments with all major credit cards or through PayPal. 
  2. Orders are considered final only after we receive your payment.
  3. By placing the order on our website, you agree that the order will be shipped to the address provided during checkout.
  4. For security purposes, in some cases, we may contact you after you make your payment to verify the order and payment.
  5. If we are unable to confirm that your order was placed and paid for legitimately, the order will be canceled and the payment refunded.

II. Shipment Policy

  1. The shipping time will depend on the ordered product. The estimated shipping time is as follows:

    1. The in-stock purchases will be shipped within 2–3 business days from the time of purchase.
    2. Products like NBT Evo Navigation Retrofit, CIC Navigation Retrofit, Comfort Access, Power Trunk, Soft Close, Remote Key Fob, and others may take more than 2-3 business days to be shipped; for detailed information, please reach out to us.

  2. BimmerTech takes no responsibility for any transit delays. 
  3. The shipping fee cannot be refunded.

III. Overnight Shipping

  1. For selected products, we also offer overnight shipping via UPS Next Day (applicable to customers in the Continental US). 
  2. Purchased products will be shipped:

    1. The same day for orders placed before 3 p.m. ET on a business day
    2. The next business day for orders placed after 3 p.m. ET or on a non-business day. 

  3. BimmerTech takes no responsibility for any transit delays.
  4. The overnight shipping fee cannot be refunded.

IV. Delivery

  1. BimmerTech FZE retrofits can be delivered across the United States and worldwide. 
  2. The delivery is completed by USPS, FedEx, or DHL and is expected to take 2–7 business days unless otherwise stated.
  3. You should not accept packages damaged during the shipping – this will allow a compensation claim to be made against the delivery service; damage to items reported after accepting delivery may be assumed to have been caused by the buyer.
  4. If the courier is not able to complete delivery of the shipment due to your unavailability to accept delivery and failure to arrange collection or redelivery according to the delivery policy of the postal service provider, your package may be returned to BimmerTech FZE.
  5. In the case any shipping and processing costs are incurred, you will be liable for covering them, which will not be refunded. Refunds for undelivered orders will be issued within a reasonable time frame after the receipt of returned shipment.
  6. We may be able to attempt shipping again if you cover any additional shipping and processing fees as agreed on a case-by-case basis. If you choose not to attempt a second shipment, your order will be considered returned and the standard restocking fees will apply.

V. Installations

  1. BimmerTech FZE provides products "as is" – installation is the responsibility of the customer. 
  2. Our support team is able to provide installation instructions and guidance; alternatively, we can recommend authorized installation partners to perform the installation for you.
  3. All recommended installers are independent companies and BimmerTech FZE accepts no responsibility for the work performed by any installer, authorized or not.
  4. All installation and service charges are determined by our partners and are not governed by BimmerTech FZE; we cannot fully or partially cover any costs incurred during installation by a third party.

VI. Returns

  1. You can return purchased products for a refund within 14 days of receipt – to return the order and receive a refund, please contact our support team and provide them with the appropriate order number.
  2. The returns can only be accepted for products that are unused and in the same condition they arrived upon delivery – new or, for products sold as refurbished, undamaged and in full working order. 
  3. Please note that we will charge you a restocking fee of approximately 30% (depending on the product), to cover our shipping and order preparation costs.
  4. We can lower the restocking fee if you choose to receive Store Credit instead of a refund.
  5. The Store Credit is valid for your next purchase at our store for 6 months.
  6. If any parts of the returned kit are missing or damaged, the restocking fee will be increased accordingly. 
  7. We will not accept returns more than 14 days after the product has been delivered to you, based on the delivery date provided in shipment tracking information reported by our shipping partners.
  8. Some products and services must be prepared or performed for a specific vehicle, and cannot be resold or reused for another vehicle; therefore, it is not possible to return these products and services for a refund even within the 14-day period.
  9. The products that are not eligible for returns and refunds include:

    • Coding files and other digital downloads, including map updates.
    • Remote coding, activation, and other services.
    • Products that are prepared for a given vehicle.
    • Custom retrofit kits prepared on-demand.

  10. Note that it might be possible to cancel orders for the products listed above before we begin preparing the order; please contact our support team as quickly as possible for more information. 
  11. Due to the possibility of our cables being purchased for use in a single coding session with a third party, all coding cable sales are non-refundable. 
  12. Products delivered faulty or damaged are covered by our standard or extended warranties, and can be returned for a replacement during the warranty period. 
  13. To make the return process easier and smoother, please reach out to our support team to confirm if the original package or a different one will be used for shipping; if the latter is the case, you may also be asked to provide the dimensions of the package before our team is able to prepare the RMA.

VII. Warranty

  1. All new BimmerTech retrofits are covered by a one-year limited warranty as standard. 
  2. We also offer our optional extended warranty for a period of up to three years. 
  3. Products sold as refurbished are covered by a 90-day limited warranty unless otherwise stated.
  4. If the product develops a fault during the warranty period, please contact our support team for assistance.
  5. All warranty periods are valid from the date of the original purchase and are non-refundable.
  6. It may be possible to transfer one warranty for a warranty covering a different product when exchanging a purchase; contact our support team for details. 
  7. Items damaged by the buyer are not covered by our warranty.

VIII. Duties & Taxes

  1. Many countries may tax goods shipped from abroad and our shipping carrier may charge brokerage fees. 
  2. In all instances, the customer is responsible for payment of any applicable taxes, duties, and brokerage associated with the import of products into their country. 
  3. Please check with the appropriate authorities to determine what, if any, taxes or duties are applicable for a given purchase and be prepared to pay those fees.
  4. If the customer refuses to pay any required fees, the shipment will be returned to BimmerTech FZE as undelivered; the customer will be liable to cover any incurred costs as outlined in the Delivery section above.
  5. The same rules regarding payment of any applicable taxes, duties, and brokerage associated with the import of products into a country for newly placed orders apply to the RMAs.

IX. Coding orders

  1. All coding services are non-refundable unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  2. BimmerTech FZE takes no responsibility for the continued availability of any BMW features activated through coding or any issues resulting from the use of any activated features.
  3. Some vehicles, including (but not limited to) the E9x 3 Series, E7x X5/X6, and pre-2016 MINIs, have an FRM footwell module; in rare cases, removing the battery and/or connecting the diagnostic cable used for coding may result in electrical damage to the FRM.
  4. BimmerTech FZE accepts no responsibility for any damage caused when preparing for or undergoing a remote coding session.
  5. Please note that if your dealer updates or resets your iDrive system, the coding you purchased from us (and any other custom software modifications) may be deleted.

    1. For USB coding options, it may be possible to reinstall the coding using the same file(s) as the ones you used for the initial installation.
    2. BimmerTech FZE cannot guarantee that the coding file provided right after purchase will work again after any factory software update or modification is introduced by you or some third party.
    3. If the coding you purchased from us is deleted after installation, we do not provide a free recoding option – cable coding options can be recoded by us for a set fee (you can find the updated price of the recoding on the product page).

X. Awaken Performance Engine Tuning Service Conditions

  1. The Awaken Performance Engine Tuning is a remote ECU tuning service for BMWs and MINIs. 
  2. Our tuning service is meant for cars that are well-maintained; we advise against tuning poorly maintained vehicles or those with recognized engine malfunctions; such cars shouldn’t be tuned, since it increases their risk of failure.
  3. By placing an order for the Awaken Performance Engine Tuning service:

    1. You declare that your car is in good working condition and acknowledge that BimmerTech FZE will not take responsibility for any damages resulting from tuning a poorly maintained vehicle. 
    2. You agree to the Terms & Conditions described herein.

  4. After purchase, the Awaken Performance ECU remap is installed throughout remote coding sessions conducted online and scheduled at your convenience within the available booking slots. 
  5. Prior to placing your order for the Awaken Performance Engine Tuning service, make sure to verify your regional restrictions and check if car ECU tuning is legal in your state/country. 
  6. Please note that while car engine tuning is legal in most places in the world, including the US, there are some that allow it only for race track purposes. 
  7. BimmerTech FZE and Awaken Performance do not condone introducing any illegal modifications to your car or its ECU. Failure to adhere to your regulations can result in fines or legal action taken against you by the local authorities. BimmerTech and Awaken Performance are not responsible for any law violations.

XI. Awaken Performance – Data Logging Conditions

  1. For the Awaken Performance Remote Engine Tuning process to be considered complete, you will need to log your car after the tune is installed and provide us with the data logs that you collected. 
  2. The Data Logging process (as described herein) consists of a series of accelerations from low RPM to the redline in the third gear with your laptop connected to your car and the data logging software provided by us turned on. 
  3. We will send you detailed instructions for the Data Logging process after your order has been paid for.
  4. For the Data Logging process we highly recommend the following:

    1. Having someone accompany you in recording the logs on your laptop so that one person is driving while the other is operating the laptop.
    2. Conducting it with respect to the local laws and regulations, and with regard to the safety of yourself and others. 

  5. BimmerTech FZE does not condone reckless driving, speeding, and irresponsible behavior on the road. 
  6. BimmerTech FZE is not responsible for any damages, injuries, or death caused by improperly conducted logging. 
  7. By placing an order for the Awaken Performance Remote Engine Tuning, you as the customer acknowledge the necessity of data logging and oblige to send us the data logs.
  8. Without the data logs, we cannot take responsibility for the tuning results and we will not be able to guarantee reliability. 

XII. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. BimmerTech FZE owns all services and content, international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws. 
  2. We reserve all rights in and to the BimmerTech FZE.
  3. Except as expressly granted to you under these Terms, we do not grant any right, title, or interest in or to any part of the BimmerTech content.
  4. Our name, the terms, logos, trademarks, and all related names, logos, product and service names, designs, and slogans are our trademarks (or our affiliates' or licensors’ trademarks); therefore, such marks must not be used without our prior written permission. 
  5. All other names, logos, product and service names, designs, and slogans for the services are the trademarks of their respective owners.
  6. BMW and MINI are the registered trademarks of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. 
  7. BimmerTech is not affiliated with BMW AG in any way and is not authorized by BMW AG to act as an official distributor or representative.
  8. The availability of BMW and MINI original products on this website should not be taken to imply that BimmerTech is endorsed by BMW AG or its associates.