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SmartView HD Flex

SmartView HD Flex
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Price: $ 250.00

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Smart View HD Flex features:

  • Has in-built AirPlay and Miracast receivers
  • Provides audio playback through your BMW's AUX port
  • Produces its own WiFi network for connecting to mobile devices so no cables or mobile hotspots are needed
  • Lets you use your favorite maps on a bigger display
  • Allows streaming videos from your Android smartphone or iPhone onto the iDrive screen

Screen mirroring your mobile device on the iDrive display is a very handy feature when you need an access to popular navigation apps or want to turn on a movie for your passengers. But being able to connect both iPhones and Android smartphones is even a more useful attribute, especially when, say, your family and friends with different mobile devices want to show off their photos on a bigger screen. And this is exactly what SmartView HD Flex does.

What is screen mirroring? This is a technology that lets you cast the screen of your mobile device onto the BMW’s display, and stream audio through the car speakers. Pairing up our screen mirroring device with your smartphone, you can use your favorite apps in your BMW, including Google Maps or Waze to navigate through the city, Spotify or Tidal to stream your favorite music, and so on.

SmartView HD Flex lets you screen share Android and iOS devices as well as phones or tablets running other types of software. SmartView HD Flex supports:

  • iOS up to version 12.0
  • Android up to version 9.0
  • Blackberry 10
  • Windows 8.1/10
  • Linux
  • Other operating systems with AirPlay/Miracast support.

Please note that not all devices running these operating systems support screen mirroring over WiFi. Make sure your smartphone or tablet are compatible with screen sharing software before purchasing SmartView HD Flex.

Apart from screen mirroring Android & iOS devices, SmartView HD Flex generates its own wireless network, meaning there is no need for a Personal Hotspot or mobile modem. In addition, it allows screen mirroring iPhone, Samsung or any other device both when the car is parked & in motion. The wireless display and audio streaming has never been more convenient.

To keep your SmartView HD Flex working properly, it may occasionally be required to install a firmware update. New SmartView HD Flex units come with the latest firmware preinstalled. If you already have a unit that does not have the latest firmware, update now by downloading the update and following the video instructions.

Please note that mirroring of some apps or content may be blocked due to the copyright-holder's DRM. BimmerTech is not responsible for the continued compatibility of any third-party apps with SmartView HD Flex. Please confirm that the app or content you wish to use can be streamed over AirPlay/Miracast.

Smart View HD Flex installation

The installation is fully plug & play as well as 100% reversible. The whole process itself may take up to 2h.

The kit includes all the parts required for a complete installation:

  • Wiring harness
  • Multimedia interface (MMI)
  • Mirroring module

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