Retrofits, Upgrades and Parts for BMW

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Looking for a BMW upgrade that will have an OEM look and feel, but won’t cost a fortune? BimmerTech is definitely your go-to place to do the mods you’ve been dreaming about. 

If you’re interested in smartphone integration upgrades, we have a wide choice of BMW coding software products that don’t require any hardware installation, i.e. BMW CarPlay activation or Enhanced Bluetooth update. Such BMW iDrive updates can be done via easy USB activation or during a remote BMW coding session with a dedicated BimmerTech technician. In case your vehicle is not compatible with the software activation (meaning it isn’t equipped with the necessary BMW parts for it), we can offer hardware upgrades like BMW CarPlay retrofit, Combox or devices that provide screen mirroring iPhone. For non-iOS users, we can also offer units allowing for screen mirroring Android phones  or a BMW Android Auto retrofit. 

Major upgrades, like swapping the old iDrive system for an NBT Evo ID5/ID6 navigation retrofit or installing a digital instrument cluster, are also an option. Especially with our technical support that’s always ready to help, and instructions created for every specific model. With our step-by-step guidance you will be able to save on pricey auto shop installations and acquire some real DIY skills. After going through such mods, uploading a new BMW navigation update, activating Video in Motion or doing a BMW software update with our technician will be a walk in the park. 

In case you want to take your parking to a completely new level, you can equip your vehicle with BMW front view camera, BMW backup camera, BMW Remote Control Parking System, and so on. We will help you choose the best option for your car based on your preferences and vehicle’s configurations. 

As far as the audio goes, at BimmerTech you can get yourself a great BMW speaker upgrade or BMW amplifier which will boost your sound system to the max. You can choose between different Alpha One sets or upgrade separate BMW speakers, meaning you can be as flexible as you want with your upgrade. 

What is more, we can definitely contribute to the comfort of your BMW. We offer BMW retrofits like Soft Close doors, Comfort Access kit and Power Tailgate upgrade even to vehicles that can’t be equipped with them from the factory. With BimmerTech, you can level up your car with premium-sector BMWs. We also provide genuine BMW replacement key fobs that look and work exactly like the ones you got with your car. So, a lost key fob is not such a big problem anymore.

Coming back to the multimedia capabilities of your vehicle, you can upgrade different elements of your iDrive that can greatly improve your driving experience. If you have an older BMW with a small iDrive screen, you can replace it with a bigger high resolution iDrive display that will completely change your car’s interior look. It is also possible to get a SiriusXM activation with a free satellite radio subscription for a year! Note that the activation will cost you half the dealer's price. 

Remember that whatever mod you’d like to do to your car, be it a BMW Enhanced Bluetooth activation, new digital gauge cluster installation, a BMW map update or BMW key fob replacement, BimmerTech is your one-stop shop. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer retrofits with only genuine BMW parts or opt for aftermarket solutions, because we have it all. Browse and see it for yourself.