Remote Session Preparation

How to prepare for your remote coding session

Thank you for scheduling a remote coding session with our technician. Please ensure that you have the following prepared before your session begins:

    1. Navigate to, decode your VIN and check the "E Series" parameter in your VIN results. If it starts with the letter E (e.g. E90, E60 etc.), you have an E-series; with the letter F (e.g. F30, F10, etc.), you have an F-series; and with the letter G (e.g. G11, G30, etc.) you have a G-series.
    2. The proper coding interface for your BMW - E-series cars require a DCAN coding interface, while F- and G-series cars can only work with an ENET coding interface.
    3. A laptop PC running Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) with admin access (Please RESTART the Windows laptop before the coding session). A Mac computer running Windows may not be compatible with some E-Series vehicles, so we recommend using a native Windows PC. To check whether you have admin access, open the Control Panel and navigate to the User Accounts section. You should see your account name with the word 'administrator'.
    4. An Ethernet port in your laptop (or external USB-RJ45 adapter) if you have an F- or G-series BMW, or a regular USB port if you have an E-series BMW.
    5. WiFi internet network that you can connect to in your car. Please note that your computer will need to remain connected to both the internet and your vehicle throughout the coding session.
    6. If you have an F or G Series BMW, it is also possible to code your vehicle with a Mac running MacOS. Your Mac must have an Ethernet port or external adapter. If you prefer to use MacOS during your coding session, contact our technical support team before your session for more info on how to prepare.

The following software downloaded and installed in Windows:

    1. Hamachi VPN

  • Install Hamachi using the default installation settings. When the installer asks whether to allow the program to install software on your computer, you must select 'Yes'.

    2. BimmerTech Remote

  • Install BimmerTech Remote using the default installation settings

    3. TeamViewer

  • Install (do NOT start) the above version of TeamViewer 14 using the default installation settings for personal use. Do not update to any newer version.

    4. Java

  • Install Java using the default installation settings.

Before your session

If you have a Windows laptop, please REMEMBER TO RESTART IT — note that it may take some time because of the system updates. So, plan your time accordingly.

Install TeamViewer as follows:

Start your session

  • Just before you start your coding session, restart your computer. Some of the software you have downloaded will not work without a restart.
  • In order to start your coding session go to to access the coding chat, and enter your email address, your BMW's VIN and your order number in the chat widget in the lower right corner of the page. A small tip: start the chat on your phone or tablet as it will be much more comfortable to communicate with the technician. Once connected, please send a message that you are ready to begin. The technician will not contact you first unless you let him know that you're there. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm that you are ready for your remote session to begin.
  • Do NOT connect the cable to the car and computer until requested, as this can cause problems during activation.  When you do so, it connects to the OBD port in the driver-side footwell (the technician can give more specific information based on the model of your vehicle). Mac users with F Series vehicles will need to use these settings to establish the connection.
  • Start TeamViewer application and send your TeamViewer ID and password to the technician. They will then be able to complete the activation process for you. Our technician may not be able to answer questions during your remote coding session. If you have any questions about your upgrade, please contact your sales representative or our customer support team by phone or email.
  • During the coding session, our technician might ask you to start the engine of your vehicle. Later on, our technician might shut down your engine remotely — please do not be alarmed by the engine being shut off.
  • If you are disconnected during the session, please reconnect using the link above and send a message that you are ready to continue.


If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!