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Performance is an experience_

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Imagine a relation between a human and a BMW taken to another level. If driving is all about emotion, take over control and experience the thrill of your car’s uncovered power.

performance experience
performance experience background


First drive pleasure reloaded_

Regain the hidden potential without taking a risk.

Our BMW engine tuning will safely change the parameters of your engine, using the horsepower and torque potential left by the manufacturer.

The unleashed engine capabilities will make your car more dynamic and fun to drive right from the get go, so that you could find overtaking swift and fluent as ever.

What do you gain?

Unleash the power of your BMW without leaving your home!


speed up confidently

when hitting a highway


overtake swiftly & safely

thanks to improved acceleration


drive flexibility

without your engine suffocating on lower revs


feel the thrill

as you did on your first ride

Your savings.

Not only power_

save money

keeping the same style of driving

reduce service costs

lowering breakdown rate

take a few years off your BMW

cooling the engine and its components

Apart from a boost of adrenaline caused by the sharp acceleration, driving your BMW will feel more flexible without your engine suffocating on lower revs, the car will increase its longevity by cooled down engine and its components, and your wallet will feel much thicker in the long run as your car gets less prone to failure and your fuel consumption is lowered at the same style of driving.

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Money Back Guarantee

BMW Engine Tuning

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Software modifications that will unleash your engine capabilities.

  • Power increased within the factory limits of your engine
  • Fully customized for your engine
  • Performed smoothly by an expert technician
  • Full refund if you are not satisfied (read more)

Money Back Guarantee

Safe and simple.

We're increasing your performance while...

keeping it safe

within your factory limits

keeping it simple

doing the work for you

keeping it customized

for your exact vehicle

Sit back
and watch.

The experience

Awaken Performance
BMW engine tuning service.

Your engine’s safety is key for us, so all technical matters from top to bottom will be given into the experienced hands and minds of our BMW technicians, who will carry out the programming remotely according to the highest standards.

All you’ll have to do is properly prepare for the tuning session – that is, prepare a coding cable and a Windows laptop. You will get your tuning preparation instructions after booking the engine tuning session. Once the tuning is done, take your car for a ride and let it adjust to the new engine parameters.

step 01

schedule and prepare for a tuning session

step 02

plug in your laptop to the car via included coding cable

step 03

sit back and relax while our technician is tuning your BMW (up to 1 hour)

step 04

go for a drive so the car adapts to the new settings


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To experience is to believe.


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