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What do you gain?


speed up & overtake confidently

by gaining up to 25% more hp & torque as well as greatly improved power delivery


take a few years off your BMW

with operating temperatures lowered via air-fuel mixture optimization


save money on gas

and visit the pump less often, due to approximately 10% better fuel economy


reduce service costs

thanks to added safety measures against overheating and engine knocking

Unleash the power of your BMW without leaving your home!

Performance is an experience_

performance experience background

Imagine a relation between a human and a BMW taken to another level. If driving is all about emotion, take over control and experience the thrill of your car’s uncovered power. Power where it matters.

performance experience background
performance experience background
Sorry, we don’t have a tune for your car… yet!
No worries though: we are constantly working on expanding the
compatibility of our Awaken Performance engine tuning service. 
Get notified when we come up with an ECU map for your vehicle?  
Get the data specifically for your car:
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What gains can you expect?
Awaken Performance power [[tuned_hp]] hp
  • [[tuned_hp]] hp = [[tuned_kw]] kW
Stock power [[stock_hp]] hp
Awaken Performance torque [[tuned_lbft]] lb-ft
  • [[tuned_lbft]] lb-ft = [[tuned_nm]] Nm
Stock torque [[stock_lbft]] lb-ft

*Please note that the data shown is only meant for illustrative purposes. The results come from the tuning session of the car similar to your [[vinData.Model]]. The tuning results may vary depending on many external factors, e.g., condition of the car, fuel quality, air temperature and humidity, or how high above the sea level the testing is conducted.

performance experience background

You get savings.

Not only power_

enjoy a 10% better gas mileage

36 to 40 MPG improvement*

savings of up to $1000

over the car ownership of around 5 years

It’s always great to have some extra power. But with Awaken Performance, you get all-around improvements. Lower operating temperatures will reduce the frequency of your service shop visits. Adjustments in fuel dosage will help quench the thirst of your BMW or MINI. Learn more about our fuel consumption testing.

*tested on BMW X3 (G01) with a B46 engine

Enjoy your car

for years to come_

Up to around 25% lower engine operating and coolant temperatures*
mean an engine that runs cooler. Cooler-running engine experiences less
wear on its internal components, which vastly improves its longevity.

performance experience chart

Result? You keep the heart of your car beating longer. Much longer. 

*Tested on BMW M3 (F80) with a S55 engine.


Feel the power. Unleashed_

Regain the hidden potential without taking a risk.

Our BMW engine tuning will safely change the parameters of your engine within the manufacturer’s safety margins. You’ll get up to 25% more HP & torque, while also improving the longevity of your engine, thanks to a significantly lower operating temperature.

The unleashed engine capabilities will make your car more dynamic and fun to drive.

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Buy BMW Engine Tuning


Money Back Guarantee

Software modifications that will unleash your engine capabilities.

  • Power increased within the factory limits of your engine (up to 25% more HP & torque)
  • Fully customized for your engine
  • Performed smoothly by an expert technician
  • Full refund if you are not satisfied (read more)

Go pro with
Performance Parts.

Hardware upgrades that will level up your BMW engine tuning game. 

  • For extra tuning potential over stock parts
  • Next stage of performance after
    the ECU tune
  • Plug & play parts for simple DIY
  • Satisfaction guarantee (read more)

Safe and simple.

We're increasing your performance while...

keeping it safe

within your factory limits

keeping it simple

doing the work for you

keeping it customized

for your exact vehicle

Sit back
and watch.

The experience

Awaken Performance
BMW engine tuning service.

Your engine’s safety is key for us, so all technical matters from top to bottom will be given into the experienced hands and minds of our BMW technicians, who will carry out the programming remotely according to the highest standards.

All you’ll have to do is properly prepare for the tuning session – that is, prepare a coding cable and a Windows laptop. You will get your tuning preparation instructions after booking the engine tuning session. Once the tuning is done, take your car for a ride and let it adjust to the new ECU settings. After you’re finished with the test drive, join us for a final secondary logging session – this time, our technician will do a check-up and introduce any necessary ECU corrections

step 01

within one day after purchase, we’ll contact you to schedule your first session and a check-up of your car

step 02

we’ll scan for errors, update your ECU software (if necessary), and do a read of your car (~30–60 minutes)

step 03

join the second session for the installation of your brand-new tune – we’ll check the logs to see how everything is running (~60 minutes)

step 04

give your car a couple of miles to adapt to the new settings and… enjoy your ride!


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To experience is to believe.



Is it for me?


Technical Whats and Hows


Performance videos

how we do it?

Performance videos

tuning videos.

Performance knowledge

All you need
to know.

Performance knowledge

tuning knowledge.


*Note that the data shown is meant for illustrative purposes only and comes from the tuning session of a similar car. The tuning results may vary depending on external factors like the condition of the car, fuel quality, air temperature, humidity, or density

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