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USB Coding

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Self-install via USB drive

Your coding file will be sent to your inbox within
2 business days after your payment is received.
Save it on the USB memory stick.

60-second plug & play

Insert your USB memory stick into the USB port of
your armrest and wait 60 seconds. Coding is
performed automatically.

Remote coding via cable

Our remote technician will unlock
your chosen features with you
over a live chat session.

Live Coding Session

Schedule time with our live technician to code your
features (30-60 minutes). Learn more about our
Remote Coding Session.

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BimmerTech’s USB and Cable Coding offers almost 50 coding apps and programming options for your BMW. With BMW coding software you’ll get an access to all hidden features of your vehicle. Here, you can upgrade your car among others with BMW Enhanced Bluetooth, Video in Motion, SiriusXM activation and BMW Carplay Activation, as well as add remote control to your doors and trunk, have a BMW Software Update or order a BMW Battery Registration. All in the comfort of your home. No IT skills required.

Want to explore your BMW’s possibilities without much time expense? Quick and easy coding guaranteed!

BimmerTech will provide you with a range of simple upgrades that you’ll be able to finish in a matter of few up to 30 minutes. Not confident to do it on your own? We won’t leave you with this alone. If you want, BimmerTech experts will guide you through each step of coding procedure. Our support team is to your disposition and glad to help you out! So, feel free to get in touch.

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A coding cable is required to activate some of these options. If you already have a suitable cable, untick this box.

Your coding cable connects through the ethernet port. If your laptop does not have an ethernet port, you will need an ethernet-USB adapter.


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The cost of BMW coding will vary depending on the option(s) you choose. The prices may reach from $35 up to $399.

NOTE: $70 is the minimum price to place an order at our shop.

There are 2 ways in which you can code your BMW: via USB or via cable. If your BMW does not support USB coding, you’ll be offered cable coding instead. Either way, each coding process is easy and quick, and most importantly doesn’t require a trip to the dealership. With BimmerTech, you can always code at home via USB or in a remote coding session, which will take up to 15 minutes. If you need any advice, our support team is always there to help you out at any point of the coding process.

BMW coding unlocks your BMW’s hidden features or codes in new ones. BimmerTech offers both iDrive coding as well as BMW programming. While iDrive coding enables features such as BMW Enhanced Bluetooth, Video in Motion, SiriusXM or BMW CarPlay, BMW programming can add remote control to your doors and trunk, register your BMW battery, deactivate ASD and more.

BimmerTech offers over 50 BMW coding options, including BMW Enhanced Bluetooth, Video in Motion, BMW CarPlay Activation and BMW Map updates. However, what you can code will depend on your vehicle configuration. To check all available options for your BMW/MINI, type in your VIN on this website.

ECU coding addresses all system issues and features of your BMW, upgrading only those electronic control modules (ECU) that need it. In order to determine whether you are getting the right update, BMW computers first check the hardware number on all of your ECUs.

ECU coding is considered to be a major software update, that’s why it can only be performed by BMW dealers or stores equipped with professional programming equipment. Also, if everything works correctly and you don’t have new equipment installed that needs to be programmed, it is recommended not to do this kind of update. Unjustified upgrades can cause complications and may be risky for your BMW.

BMW coding applies to coding your BMW iDrive – it unlocks multimedia features such as BMW Enhanced Bluetooth, Video in Motion, SiriusXM or BMW CarPlay. Whereas BMW programming concerns coding other parts of your car such as the battery, doors and trunk or the ASD.

  • The E-series BMWs and R-series MINIs require the DCAN cable type.
  • The ENET cable type goes for every newer BMW and MINI, that is F-series BMW, F-series MINI, G-series BMW, i3 BMW and so on.

Not sure if your cable is suitable? Contact us at [email protected] for further advice.

A laptop PC running Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) with admin access. A Mac computer running Windows is not compatible with E-Series vehicles, so in this case you will be required to use a native Windows PC. For F- and G-Series vehicles, a Macbook running Windows or a recent version of MacOS with admin access will work.

If you selected self-installation with a USB flash drive, you will receive the coding file (in your inbox) within 2 business days of your purchase.

If you selected remote coding via cable, The cable will be delivered to you in a few days. Once you receive the cable, you can schedule a live remote session with our technician.

If your dealer upgrades or resets your iDrive system, the above coding (and any other custom modifications) will most likely be deleted. For USB coding options, it may be possible to reinstall the coding using the same file(s) as you used for initial installation. However, BimmerTech cannot guarantee that the coding file provided will work again after any factory software upgrade. Cable coding options can be recoded by us for a fee of $75, irrespective of the number of features.

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