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Easy BMW iDrive Coding!

Customize your in-car experience without leaving your home

Unlock the hidden potential in your BMW

BimmerTech offers the easiest iDrive coding on the market!

You won’t need to go to an autoshop or learn any coding skills. Our technician can code your vehicle remotely, so you can add new features to your BMW from the comfort of your own home.

Hard to believe? See for yourself...

Effortless Installation in 3 Steps

Choose Features to Unlock Enter your VIN number and select from the new software features to enable (listed below).
Live coding session Schedule time with our live technician to code your features (30-60 minutes). Learn more about our Remote Coding Session
Remote Coding via Cable Our remote technician will unlock your chosen features with you over a live Skype session. You’ll need an internet connection, Windows OS and the required cable.

Top sellers

We use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions. These are our 6 most popular products.

Enhanced Bluetooth/USB Activation
Enhanced Bluetooth $150

Get more out of your iDrive. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and do some wonderful things.

Video in motion
Video in motion from $75

Just because you're driving, doesn't mean your passengers shouldn't get to watch a movie.

RDC Safety
RDC Safety $45

Tire pressure matters. So check it on your iDrive display at the click of a button.

Daylight Switch Off
Daylight Switch Off $45

If your daytime running lights are on by default when you set your lights to auto, this option lets you switch them off in the iDrive menu.

Legal disclaimer deactivation
Disclaimer deactivation $45

You've read the legal disclaimer. Hundreds of times. Memorized it. Enough. Just turn it off.

Services in motion
Services in motion $45

Use Office Messages, Online Entertainment, Bluetooth Pairing and the User Manual while driving.

All Options

Minimum order (without coding cable) $99
Minimum order $99




minimum order $99

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A coding cable is required to activate these options. If you already have a suitable cable, untick this box.

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What cable do I need for the remote coding via cable option?
  • The BMW E-series requires the DCAN cable type.
  • The BMW F-series requires the ENET cable type.

Not sure if your cable is suitable? Contact us at info@bimmer-tech.net for further advice.

When can I expect delivery of my BMW iDrive Coding purchase?

The cable will be delivered to you in a few days after payment is confirmed. Once you receive the cable, you can schedule a live remote session with our technician.

Will my coding still work if I update my iDrive system?

If your dealer upgrades or resets your iDrive system, the above coding (and any other custom modifications) will most likely be deleted. Previously purchased options can be recoded by us for a fee of $75, irrespective of the number of features.