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Our goal at BimmerTech is to provide the highest quality of products and services to BMW enthusiasts around the world. There is no better proof of our goal being met than when customers agree and openly express their opinions on the quality of the services received from BimmerTech. The following is a series of customer testimonials posted on various BMW message boards.


Richard, USA click to open the forum

I am happy to say that my experience using Bimmer Tech was extremely positive. The service was provided as advertised. More importantly the staff that I interacted with were extremely helpful. All e-mails were answered in a timely way; even after the service had been rendered and payment was made.

In summary I would say that their service was a #1.

I would not hesitate to business with them then again or to recommend their company to others.

I subsequently dealt with the sirus radio due to channels that I thought should have been included in the package. During the conversation I told them that I had the upgrade performed at a BMW dealer. They were abe to fix the issue -- the upgade that was done by Bimmer-tech was transparent to them. I continue to enjoy my one years worth of services.

padmchugh, click to open the forum

I have a BMW F30 320D with the basic BMW Business package whereas my previous BMW had all the bells and whistles you could want, so I really missed some of the features especially being able to use the white iPhone cable and get the album art on the screen.

I asked my dealer and they said I had to use a Y-cable as my car had older chips in it which didn't support the iPhone. So I did some search an came across bimmer-tech and saw that it was just a software upgrade I needed. So purchased

The guys at bimmer-tech were fantastic and very responsive to emails when asking questions. After I received the ODB2 cable used to update the software on my car, which their technicians do over the web, I was up and running and now have the following enabled:

Bluetooth audio
Album art covers
Apple white cable support
Bluetooth Voice Control

A big thank you to the guys at bimmer-tech for all you very professional help and advice and highly recommend you to everyone.

Josean1819, click to open the forum

I just did the XM radio retrofit with Bimmertech and my system works great. The cost for the retrofit is ~$287.28 I received my programming cable in less than a week all the way from Poland to California.

Once you receive the cable you will get all the instructions to get started. You get a hold of the programmer through Skype and they give you all the links to download all the software required to connect your PC to the vehicle. Once you download everything the guys from Bimmertech program the car through your computer using TeamViewer and it only takes <30 minutes to get the XM radio installed in your iDrive.

After they are down with all the programming you contact Sirius XM and they will send the test signal to activate the free 1-year trial and you will be all set.

The process takes less <1 hour. I am very satisfied with Bimmertech and I will definitely recommend them to anybody in this forum. You can save almost $400 by doing it with them instead of the BMW dealership.

Bearlakesailor, click to open the forum

I just purchased a lightly used 2012 X5 & am trying to figure everything out! I decided it did NOT have Sirius radio "installed" so I found on this forum. They were very helpful & with the VIN number they were able to tell me that my X5 has Sirius but needs "activation". I purchased that "Kit" from them & they promptly sent me an "OBD" Connector cable which arrived in a couple of days. They then instructed me to contact them via Skype & they walked me through connecting a PC to the cable & getting them "logged in", it took about 30min for them to complete the "activation" of my Sirius radio & everything went very smoothly! Even though I am in Utah (USA), communication was not a problem & I am VERY happy with the entire transaction. I thought I should post some POSITIVE feedback for them. If you need something from, don't hesitate to spend a few bucks! These guys are GREAT!

usna2k, click to open the forum

I just completed a very successful and easy Combox retrofit from Patryk at BimmerTech. I was extremely pleased with every step of the process; Patryk was very patient with me and addressed all my concerns..

The Combox Plug and Play kit arrived stateside in only two business days from Poland via DHL - quite fast! Once I had the kit, there were several parts inside - a 2014 production date Combox; the PnP harness; a black extension cable for running the MULF USB to the Combox, and also a OBD interface cable for the computer.

My 335d had both TCU and MULF located under the carpet in the trunk. I disconnected both, put aside two cables from the TCU that were related to BMW Assist (and not used for the Combox Media unit), and connected the wires in the manner that Patryk described to me. Then I mounted the Combox to the rack in place of the TCU (I left the MULF in place even though it was now not connected.

All that said and done, I arranged a time with the coding tech. A note about that - check your Skype history; he had messaged me with several links to software that he needed ahead of time...I did not see this and consequently was not "ready" when he came online with me. After a few minor issues with my computer, the tech worked his magic and told me exactly what he needed me to do. Once the coding actually began, it only took about 10 minutes. He even coded out the startup disclaimer on my request.

Once coding was complete and a short time elapsed, I started the car back up and everything was functioning perfectly!

A big thank you to Patryk and his team at BimmerTech - he is the real deal and knows these retrofits inside and out.

I will very likely go back to him again for the BMW Apps retrofit, since I did not opt for it at this time. I think I do want the full Pandora functionality.

The basic Combox retrofit gives album art, Bluetooth audio, and several other new features that the old TCU/MULF combo did not have.

If you're on the fence about the retrofit, definitely don't be. It's worth it and easier than you think.

andreo, click to open the forum

I am pleased to report that the 6NR BMW Apps retrofit by the guys at BimmerTech was performed flawlessly on my HK/Macau region F13 650i last night. After a couple of hours of coding (done entirely remotely by [email protected]), my car has the following functions activated:

BMW Apps (ConnectedDrive)


Cover Art

HUD Turn Indicators

HUD Telephone List

HUD Entertainment List

Engine A.S.S. (persistent last setting)

All videos in my docked iPhone (Media Snap-in Adapter) can be played on iDrive. Cover art is finally showing on-screen (previously disabled in HK/Macau cars).

Overall, the retrofit exercise was very impressive. These guys are professionals and really know what they are doing.

Thanks again MEN and Patryk

omare90, click to open the forum

I recently replaced 2008 e90 CCC with CIC from a donor car from Europe. Most of the coding was done by me. However, I lost Voice Control in the process because donor CIC did not have VC option and DVD was not working properly. Patryk and MEN from Bimmer-Tech took care of my requests quickly with care. I had other coding questions unrelated to the service purchased, but they answered my questions without any hesitation.

Before reaching out to Bimmer-Tech, I requested VO coding help from a few well known coders from a certain vendor but did not receive any response. Since the hardware package was purchased from somewhere else, I wasn't sure coding service would be easily attainable so I decided to do the coding myself. After a week of cable, software, and coding research, I was able to complete most of VO coding. I even had 2012 North America navigation working with DVD and FSC from Sergej, but he could not help me with VC FSC. Not being able to play DVD movies bothered me as well.

Thanks to Bimmer-Tech for their superb work and customer service. I now have fully functional retrofitted CIC. Thanks, guys, especially MEN for working on it and dealing with my questions. You can be sure I'll be going to Bimmer-Tech for future services. They are highly recommended.

snj1013, click to open the forum

I bought a demo F10 (528i) and obviously didn't have much choice in options. One item I regretted not having was the 6FL USB/Ipod Input. After reaching out to fellow former member [email protected] I found out that it was possible to retrofit the OEM 6FL USB/Ipod input to my car. Well I had the installation done by the installer in Dallas yesterday ([email protected] also has installers in Southern Florida, California, New Jersey and Illinois). For those of you like me that want to retrofit the 6FL USB/Ipod Input, I highly recommend you contact [email protected] with your VIN number to determine if your BMW can be retrofitted. I am happy I did.

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