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Alpha One BMW
Speaker Upgrade

Audio System

Pre-programming and optimization specifically for BMWs

Simple do-it-yourself
Plug & Play installation

Clarity, power and customizable performance

2-year warranty and professional support

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Easy Do-It-Yourself installation

No wires to cut and no visual changes to your dash or cabin thanks to BimmerTech’s trademark installation ease - and convenient location in your trunk for the amplifier. If you’re into DIY, you’ll have the Premium Audio System and Alpha One BMW Speakers installed and working in a couple of hours. Most of that time is needed to remove and replace the trim, since the amplifier and speakers themselves are truly plug and play.


We love BMWs
as much as you do.

And we’ve made it our mission to enable you to easily upgrade and customize your car with the highest quality products your BMW was meant to have. An amazing sound system is one of them.

But until now, the only aftermarket options for upgrading your BMW speakers & amplifier were generic audio products designed to fit any car. BMW is not just any car — so we worked closely with our audio engineers to create a sound system upgrade where every single detail matters.

The result? The only complete audio system upgrade made specifically for BMWs. We've made history with our Premium Audio Amplifier, and now we’ve completed the set with the Alpha One BMW Speaker Upgrade. After years of research and development with our audio experts, you can now make your BMW the ultimate sound machine.