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SmartView HD ATV3

SmartView HD ATV3
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BimmerTech SmartView HD ATV3

Enjoy the power of Apple TV with the convenience of iDrive. SmartView HD adds Apple TV 3 functionality to the factory iDrive system, allowing you to enjoy all the features of Apple TV in the comfort of your car. In addition to offering your favorite Apple TV apps, such as Netflix or Hulu, Apple’s AirPlay technology lets you mirror the screen of your iOS device on your iDrive display.

Thanks to our Multimedia Interface HD, all these features are available in high definsmartition[1], with no coding required. Stream videos, surf the web or use your favorite navigation software[2], all on the iDrive display and through your car’s audio system.

Who is it for?

SmartView HD ATV3 is perfect for Apple TV and iPhone users looking to make the most of the Apple ecosystem. It is built around Apple's own hardware and protocols to ensure complete compatibility with your iPhone.

Due to limited compatibility with Apple's AirPlay streaming protocol, we do not currently recommend SmartView HD ATV3 for mirroring Android devices. Android users are instead advised to use SmartView HD Flex. Please note that this device does not include Apple TV functionality.

What do I need?

Click here to check if SmartDrive HD ATV3 is compatible with your car.

To mirror the screen of your iOS device, you will need to activate its Personal Hotspot. Click here for more information about using Personal Hotspot on Apple devices. Alternatively, you can use a dedicated mobile wireless modem.

How does it work?

SmartView HD ATV3 uses Apple's own AirPlay protocol for wireless video and audio streaming from your iPhone. Audio output from SmartView HD ATV3 is via the iDrive AUX port. To use audio, ensure your iDrive audio mode is set to AUX.

To start mirroring your iPhone, you only need to turn on your Personal Hotspot (or connect to your mobile wireless modem's Wi-Fi network), swipe up on your device screen and select AirPlay. On your first use of SmartView HD ATV3, you will need to connect Apple TV to your Personal Hotspot/mobile wireless network through the on-screen settings menu.

BimmerTech accepts no liability for any accidents resulting from the use of SmartView HD ATV3. Please use responsibly!

To see how the installation looks like watch the clip:

Please note that Apple has ceased production of the Apple TV 3. We will continue to provide SmartView HD ATV3 using refurbished Apple devices. As refurbished stock, this hardware may show some aesthetic wear, but will still be covered by our warranty as part of the SmartView HD ATV3 kit.

[1]Screen resolution depends on your iDrive display and the device being mirrored. SmartView HD Flex supports up to 1920×1080 with suitable hardware.
[2]Some content may be blocked due to the copyright-holder's DRM. Please confirm the app or content you wish to use can be streamed over AirPlay.

The wait is over Apple TV fans! The all new SmartView HD was designed, engineered and built specifically with you in mind. If you’re new to SmartView, it gives you the ability to mirror your mobile device’s screen on your factory iDrive screen, helping you stay safe and connected. It works seamlessly with all iDrive screens and there is no coding required!

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