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BimmerTech's BMW CarPlay retrofit has been reborn...

Our fully integrated CarPlay MMI has taken the BMW world by storm, and now it's back and better than ever! Our CarPlay MMI PLUS has all the features of our groundbreaking CarPlay MMI, plus a few extras to make it an even better way to add Apple CarPlay to your 2016 or older BMW.

With CarPlay it's easy to use many of your iPhone's apps, including Apple Maps, Waze, Spotify, WhatsApp and more in your BMW, on the factory dashboard screen. For maximum convenience, control and navigate between apps with your vehicle's in-built controls, or with your voice thanks to Siri voice command.

What’s new and improved?

  1. Full-Screen Mode
  2. Full Support for Steering Wheel Buttons
  3. Android Auto & Park Assist Addons
  4. Enhanced Performance and Stability
  • Full-Screen Mode

Unlike the previous generation CarPlay MMI, our new retrofit provides you with a chance to use your favorite iPhone apps on the native BMW display in a full-screen mode. What’s more, CarPlay MMI PLUS has a higher resolution (1280x480 vs old BMW CarPlay upgrade with 800x480) which looks great on all screen sizes.



  • Full Support for Steering Wheel Buttons

In order to navigate the BMW CarPlay apps, you can use Siri commands, the iDrive controller or even the steering wheel buttons including the roller button (which wasn’t available in the older CarPlay MMI, nor in the original Apple CarPlay).

  • Android Auto & Park Assist Addons

The kit contains a Multimedia Interface (MMI) — an original BimmerTech module that also adds Android Auto functionality to your BMW. So if you have family members or friends with Android smartphones, connecting their devices is no longer an issue!

In addition, the MMI module makes it easy to add a rear & front view camera to your order for a much lower price.

The front view camera can be activated by holding the Option button for 2 seconds. In order to exit the camera mode, you can just press Back. It can also be set up to appear automatically on the screen when the gear is shifted from Reverse to Drive (the time how long the front camera picture is shown can be set in the menu for 0-10 seconds).

CarPlay MMI PLUS supports devices running iOS up to version 13. With the newest iOS, you can take advantage of Google Maps and Waze while navigating through the city. You'll be able to use the best features from both apps, like getting the quickest rerouting that will save your time (Waze) or using the navigation even if you're offline (Google Maps).

Our BMW CarPlay aftermarket solution comes with a USB cable that has a socket at its end. Apart from connecting the device to the iDrive system and charging your iPhone, you can use it to play videos from a USB thumb drive! It is advised, though, to use an original Apple cable for better transmission quality.

Please note that if you want to use such features as Siri, your iPhone can't be connected to your BMW via Bluetooth, but only through the cable to CarPlay MMI PLUS. Hands-Free Calling will work through CarPlay instead of Bluetooth.

CarPlay MMI PLUS gives you the chance to play music through the BMW stereo system with the help of the AUX input. In case you don’t have an AUX port, we can code your car to enable the input.

Our BMW CarPlay retrofit also uses the factory car microphone for Siri Voice commands. This means that you can access your iTunes library, learn the latest news or send texts hands-free. For this feature to work, your BMW has to have Bluetooth or Voice Control.


Unlike activating the factory-original Apple CarPlay, our upgrade is compatible with F-series cars that have both newer and older iDrive generations (e.g. ENTRY, NBT, NBT EVO ID4, etc.). To find out whether you car can be retrofitted with CarPlay MMI PLUS, please check compatibility.


The installation is completely plug & play and 100% reversible. Below you can see it for yourself.


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