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MMI Rear View Camera

MMI Rear View Camera
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Price: $ 699.00

Check compatibility with your BMW!

Whatever you do with your BMW i3, make sure you always know exactly where you’re going. The wide-angle lens on our Rear View Camera eliminates blind spots, helping you avoid any surprise collisions when backing up.

Total integration with the factory dashboard display leaves nothing cluttering your interior, and keeps the full-screen camera picture exactly where you need it. Crystal clear image quality means you won’t miss a thing, however large or small.

For added convenience, the camera display switches on automatically when you put your car in reverse. On-screen dynamic parking lines bend as you turn the steering wheel, to show exactly where you’re headed.

The camera is designed to fit discreetly in a hole cut in the bumper cover, for maximum security without disrupting the smooth lines of your i3’s exterior.

Who is it for?

An experienced DIYer will be able to install our Rear View Camera in their own BMW i3. We do however advise professional installation from one of our official dealers.

Please note that mounting the camera module requires cutting a small hole in the rear bumper, and therefore isn’t suited for leased vehicles. For more information about the installation process, please contact us.

What do I need?

Our Rear View Camera is compatible with most BMW i3s that came with a built-in dashboard display as standard. Contact us to confirm compatibility with your vehicle.

How does it work?

Our Rear View Camera integrates with your i3’s built-in head unit, and uses the factory dashboard display. In addition to automatic activation, the camera can be operated with the stock MINI control knob.

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