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  • Shows you camera images from different viewing angles on the iDrive screen
  • Assists you in parking and difficult traffic situations
  • Combines images from several cameras and creates a perfect overview
  • Helps to see approaching traffic at junctions or areas with restricted views


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If you thought navigating through narrow roads and in tight parking spaces couldn’t get any smarter, you really underestimate BMW. Surround View is the ultimate car camera system that will make difficult traffic situations seem just another daily routine.
Surround View camera technology: how does it work? This intelligent park assist retrofit uses cameras in the exterior mirrors, at the front and back of your car to produce a 360-degree overview around your vehicle. It shows the images on the control display and becomes incredibly handy in:
  • Tight parking spaces
  • Junctions
  • Roads with restricted view
  • Unclear traffic situations
360 degree camera view can be activated after your BMW is put in reverse and the rear view camera mode appears on the screen. With the help of the iDrive touch controller you can turn off the RVC systems, instead activating a bird's-eye camera system of your car. What’s more, the iDrive will remember your choice and you won’t have to go through the same procedure every time.


The process itself consists of 2 main steps:
  1. Installation
  2. Coding (after the installation is finished, it is necessary to schedule a remote coding session with a BimmerTech technician)
This installation will require disassembling many areas of the vehicle, routing and installing wiring in hard to access locations. We recommend visiting a shop for this installation unless you’re a very capable DIY-er. The installation may take up to two days.
The kit includes all parts necessary for a complete installation:
  • Surround View module
  • 2 exterior mirrors with cameras
  • Wiring harness
If you do not have a coding interface cable, you will need to purchase one for your coding session. You can add it at the top of the page.
The installation is completely reversible and doesn’t require any permanent modifications to your vehicle. 
The manual for installing the 360 degree car camera system will be added by our technical support to your user dashboard. You will receive an email notification the moment it’s there and will be able to log in to your account to check it out. It will be created for your specific BMW model and will contain all the details on the installation. But in case of any additional questions, our technical support is always ready to help.

Compatible with:
BMW X5 Series: SUV F15 (2012-2018); BMW X6 Series: Crossover F16 (2013-2018),

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