Proximity Access for BMW

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  • Lock and unlock the doors without touching your door handle
  • Lock the doors automatically when leaving the car
  • Detects when your key is within around 2ft of the vehicle
  • Customizable window and sunroof behavior


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It has never been more convenient to unlock your car — Proximity Access for BMW means you don’t need to use a key or even touch the handle. So, whenever you can’t rummage through your pockets because your hands are full, or you just want to get into your BMW fast, this upgrade will make a huge difference.

How it works

Our Proximity Access keyless entry package consists of a set of antennas with special remote sensors. They recognize when your key is within around 2ft, even if it's in your pocket or bag. Your vehicle will then unlock as soon as you approach it, and lock when you leave. A sound signal confirms the doors are locked, and can also warn if any doors are left open.

Unlike other comfort access systems, you don’t even need to touch the handle to lock or unlock. There’s no chance you’ll accidentally leave your car unlocked – if you’ve left your car, you’ve locked your car!proximity access kit

Preserve battery level

Proximity Access is powered by your BMW’s battery. The sensors can be configured to stay awake for 24 or 48 hours after each drive, to detect when you return to the vehicle. Choose 24 hours to preserve your battery’s charge, or 48 hours if you cover more miles behind the wheel.

The system will exit sleep mode automatically when you unlock and start your BMW, and remain awake for 24/48 hours.

Additional convenient features

You can easily customize the keyless entry process – settings make it possible to automatically close the windows and sunroof, or fold in the mirrors, when locking the car.

Optional features:

  • Close all windows when locking the vehicle.
  • Close the sunroof when locking the vehicle.
  • Sound the horn when locking the vehicle.
  • Sound the horn remotely to help locate your vehicle.
  • Sound an alert to warn your doors are open.
  • Flash the emergency light to warn the doors are open.
  • Move the seat backwards to enter and exit the vehicle.
  • Fold the mirrors when locking the vehicle.


The installation takes about 3 hours. No permanent modifications are needed, so the kit is completely lease-friendly.

It requires disassembly of the front passenger's footwell areas to get to the electronic module, that’s why it’s best to take your time, be gentle, careful and diligent in keeping track of which screw and clip came from where in order to reinstall the parts correctly.

After installation, you will be required to pair your key with the Proximity Access system for it to recognize your key. No other activation coding is required.proximity access kit for BMW

The kit includes all BMW parts necessary for a complete installation:

  • Main module
  • High frequency antennas
  • Low frequency antennas
  • Wiring harness

You will be required to remove trim pieces in many parts of the car. The main module is fitted under a panel in the footwell, with the antennas in the A-pillars and the trunk. Wiring will be run below panels along the length of the vehicle.

proximity access installation

The instructional manual appears in your user dashboard, in the personal account, within 72 hours after the Proximity Access kit is shipped. It will be customized for your specific BMW model. But in case you have any additional questions, our technical support is always ready to help.

Compatible with:
BMW X5 Series: SUV G05 (2019-2020); BMW X6 Series: SUV G06 (2020-2020); BMW X7 Series: SUV G07 (2019-2020); BMW 3 Series: Sedan G20 (2018-),

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