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BMW Remote Control Display Key Fob

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  • Equipped with an LCD touch screen for comfortable use
  • Shows the status of central locking, alarm, fuel and other important information
  • Indicates if the windows are open or closed
  • Lets you set a timer for the climate control
  • Works at a range of up to 985ft
  • Enables you to lock/unlock the doors as well as open the trunk and sound the horn remotely


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Checking up on your BMW can be much easier and faster with a BMW Remote Control Display Key Fob. No matter where you are — sitting at the office or relaxing in your living room — you can find out how much fuel you have or whether the alarm is on, without going out. 

Our BMW key fob replacement has all the functions of a traditional remote key fob, plus many new stunning features. The LCD touch screen allows you to keep tabs on the central locking information and see if the windows are open or closed. With the alarm system on, you can also adjust settings for the interior sensors.

This BMW key fob functions also include informing you when your BMW has to be serviced or what the lighting status is. In the Mobility section you will see the gas gauge and how many miles you can drive before tanking up.

The finest thing about this touchscreen key fob is that you can set your departure time and be sure that your BMW will have the perfect temperature when you need to hit the road. The Climate Control feature lets you precondition the interior, so it won’t be too hot or cold when you set off. 

Please note that you cannot park the vehicle remotely using only the Remote Control Display Key Fob. To enjoy this functionality, your BMW must be equipped with the Remote Control Parking feature.

The emergency key from your original key fob will fit perfectly into the replacement. However, if you’d like to purchase a new one, you can add an internal key blade to your order in our Options section.

This is a replacement for lost or damaged display key fobs, and cannot be used with vehicles that only came with a standard remote key fob from the factory.

IMPORTANT: we don’t fulfill orders without evidence of ownership of the vehicle. After you place an order and make a payment, we will ask you to send us a copy of your vehicle registration and driver's license, both with the same name. See our document guidelines to check what documents can be accepted.

All key fobs are made-to-order by BMW based on your unique VIN. Due to BMW policies, all key fob orders are strictly non-refundable and cannot be canceled or returned.

Why is it worth ordering a replacement Display Key from BimmerTech? We keep the ordering process simple and comfortable. Unlike buying at the dealers’ stationary store, at BimmerTech you can manage the whole process online, in the comfort of your own home.

If you lose a key and worry that it will fall into wrong hands you can use the service of a key fob deactivation, which will block the key fob in the memory of the car to make it useless. Key fob deactivation can be done either by the dealer or our technicians. Remember, this is an extra option, so if you want to have it make sure to add the key fob deactivation service to your cart along with the coding cable (if you already don’t have one).


This key fob replacement does not require any BMW key fob programming to work with your specific BMW.

The kit includes:

  • BMW Remote Control Display Key Fob

Compatible with:
BMW 5 Series: Sedan G30 (2015-2018), Sedan M5 F90 (2016-2018), Touring G31 (2016-2018); BMW 6 Series: Gran Turismo G32 (2016-2018), Gran Turismo G32 (2017-2020); BMW 7 Series: Long Sedan G12 (2014-2018), Sedan G11 (2014-2018), Sedan G12 (2015-2020); BMW X3 Series: SUV G01 (2016-2018); BMW 8 Series: Convertible G14 (2019-2020), Coupe G15 (2019-2020); BMW X4 Series: SUV G02 (2019-2020); BMW X5 Series: SUV G05 (2019-2020); BMW X6 Series: SUV G06 (2020-2020); BMW X7 Series: SUV G07 (2019-2020); BMW Z4 Series: Roadster G29 (2019-2020); BMW 3 Series: Sedan G20 (2018-),

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