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  • Play all your favorite songs straight from the CD.
  • Rip CDs to your iDrive system for easy listening.
  • Mounts discreetly in the glovebox.
  • Plug-and-play activation with no coding required.
  • BMW-original CD player, just like from the dealer.
  • Support MP3, M4A, WAV, CD-DA, FLAC and ID3 tags.


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Any audiophile will tell you that music just doesn’t sound as good streamed. Even high-quality music services compress the sound to keep bandwidth down, and if you’re driving your BMW in an area with patchy coverage, your songs might cut out without warning.

The good news: the CD isn’t dead — and with so many people still enjoying big CD collections, why should it be?

The bad news: in-car CD players are no longer the standard features they used to be, as BMW has gone all in on streaming apps, Bluetooth and other lossy audio sources.

Thankfully, with this OEM BMW CD Player retrofit, you can add a CD player in your glovebox and enjoy pristine-quality music wherever you go. Perfect integration with your vehicle means a neater, more discreet setup than an external CD player for cars that don’t have one built in.

Play music straight from the CD

Mounted in the roof of your glovebox, this auto CD Player doesn’t take up any space. Just press it to pull it down when you want to play a CD, and push it back up when you’re done to preserve space in the glovebox.

You’re free to play music straight from the CD, just select the audio source in the iDrive menu. As you’d expect from a BMW-original upgrade, you can use the standard iDrive controls to switch back and forth between songs.

Play music straight from the CD

Rip songs to your iDrive

If there’s one advantage streaming has over CDs, though, it’s how easy it is to jump between different artists whenever the mood takes you. With a CD, you’d be fumbling about switching from one album to another.

Rip songs to your iDrive

BMW thought of that, and makes it easy to rip your favorite CDs straight to your iDrive storage. A few minutes later, all your songs will be ready to play any time you want — without having to drag all your CDs around with you or load up a BMW CD changer.

Available for BMW G20 3 Series, BMW G14/G15/G16 8 Series, BMW G05 X5, BMW G06 X6 and BMW G07 X7 with the S65AA Preparation external CD drive option. Enter your VIN to confirm compatibility.


Installation is simple. Compatible vehicles already have all the required wiring in the glovebox, and only need the CD player to be attached. What’s more, there’s no coding or programming required, so your BMW will recognize your new CD player straight away.

Installation requires no permanent modifications to your vehicle.

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