Review Video Guidelines

We want to know how you like your BimmerTech product, so we're offering a 5% rebate on your last order for letting us know what you think. Just upload a video review to YouTube and send us the link with your order number for approval.

Please read the below guidelines carefully before filming your video, to ensure you are eligible for the rebate.

How to get your rebate

  1. Film a video presenting your purchase. Ensure that the image is horizontal (wider than it is high).
  2. Describe your experience with BimmerTech and the benefits of the product.
  3. Upload to YouTube. The title must include the word ‘BimmerTech,’ your vehicle’s model (e.g. ‘BMW F30’) and the name of the item you ordered (e.g. SmartView HD).
  4. Include a link to our website ( or product page in the video description.
  5. Send the video link for approval

The ideal video

Things to remember

  • High-resolution video. Horizontal image.
  • Clear audio and easily understandable speech.
  • Well-lit area. Natural sunlight is better than a closed garage.
  • ‘BimmerTech,’ model and product name in the title.
  • Brief summary of the experience in the description.