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Laptop Rental for Remote Coding Sessions

For your coding session, you will require a laptop running the appropriate coding and remote access software.

If you'd prefer to avoid installing software on your own device, or you don't have a suitable laptop, we offer a convenient laptop rental service.

Pay the rental fee and a returnable deposit, and we'll ship a preconfigured Windows laptop to you, set up and ready to use for your remote coding session. When you're done, just ship it back to us with our prepaid label.

If you need a coding cable for your session, you can also rent one for an additional fee.

Coding Laptop Rental - Terms & Conditions


  1. The coding laptop rental service is available only for customers based in the US.
  2. The laptop can be used only for the purposes of coding through BimmerTech.

§ 2. COSTS

  1. The cost of the coding laptop rental: $99. 
    The cost of shipping the laptop to and from the customer is covered by BimmerTech.
  2. The cost of additional coding cable rental: $20.
  3. The cost of the laptop deposit: $500.


  1. After receiving the laptop, the customer is obligated to schedule a coding session within 5 business days and to send the laptop back within 3 business days after completing the remote coding session.
  2. The customer who completes the above without causing any laptop damages will receive the full deposit refund within 7 business days from receiving the laptop by the BimmerTech team in the US office.
  3. In a case where the customer is not able to do the above, he/she is obligated to immediately contact the BimmerTech support team to inform them about the reason for a delay. The decision about extending the sendout time depends on the customer’s situation. If the support team rejects the customer's arguments, the customer will gradually lose the deposit – that is, will be charged $40 per each day of delay. 
  4. If the customer refuses to pick up the package with the coding laptop, the cost of the delivery in both ways will be subtracted from the deposit.
  5. If the laptop will be used for different purposes than coding through BimmerTech the refund of the deposit is not applicable.
  6. The customer should not install or remove any software or make any modifications to the software/operating system of the laptop.


  1. If the laptop sent back to the BimmerTech US office is damaged in a way it’s out of use at the moment of receiving it, the deposit refund is not applicable.
  2. If the laptop is damaged in a way it can be used, but it limits its functionality, the amount of refund depends on the type of damage and time required to fully repair it. The refund amount in such cases cannot exceed 50% of the deposit. 
  3. If the customer will spot any damage or dysfunctionality of the laptop he/she is obligated to immediately report a problem and document it in a way where everything will be easily visible on the videos/photos/recording.