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Laptop Rental for Remote Coding Sessions

For your coding session, you will require a laptop running the appropriate coding and remote access software.

If you'd prefer to avoid installing software on your own device, or you don't have a suitable laptop, we offer a convenient laptop rental service.

Pay the rental fee and a returnable deposit, and we'll ship a preconfigured Windows laptop to you, set up and ready to use for your remote coding session. When you're done, just ship it back to us with our prepaid label.

If you need a coding cable for your session, you can also rent one for an additional fee.

How it works

  • • Offer available only for customers in the US.
  • • After receiving the laptop, you will have 5 days to arrange your remote coding session.
  • • When your coding session is completed successfully, you will have 3 business days to send the laptop back to us with our prepaid label.
  • • Once we receive the laptop back in good working order, we will refund your deposit.
  • • If you keep the laptop for longer than 5+3 days, a rental charge of $25/day will apply. This charge will be taken from the deposit amount.

BimmerTech reserves the right to withhold the deposit if the laptop is returned damaged or otherwise modified.

For more details, contact our team.

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