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If your Entry-level Navigation System doesn’t quite match the standards of an ultimate driving machine with its infotainment perks in the form of an OEM BMW Apple CarPlay, Voice Control or BMW touch screen, you’re in a right place to upgrade. 

Our ENTRYNAV EVO head unit retrofit will add these conveniences to your BMW making a night and day difference to your daily trips!  

ENTRYNAV EVO head unit retrofit is compatible with all F3x BMWs and F5x, F60 MINIs, as well as G2x, G8x, G32, G02 and F90 BMWs with ENTRYNAV EVO (without a WiFi antenna) Navigation System. Decode your VIN to check your compatibility.

OEM BMW Apple CarPlay Support

Just because your BMW comes with an entry-level nav, it doesn’t mean you are doomed to putting on FM radio only or use outdated maps.

Upgrading your head unit to the ENTRYNAV EVO version, you’ll get the original BMW Apple CarPlay with dozens of multimedia possibilities. This OEM Apple system will let you use your iPhone’s navigation, messaging, music and other driver-focused apps straight from your factory BMW iDrive screen. 

Having a number of CarPlay apps at your fingertips you can decide whether you want to play your favorite songs via YouTube Music or iTunes, chat with your work colleagues through WhatsApp or Messages, or take advantage of Google Maps and Waze to avoid the city traffic. Just pair up your iPhone wirelessly and you’re good to go!

For intuitive control when switching between the apps you can use your iDrive’s built-in controls – that is iDrive controller, steering wheel buttons, Siri voice assistant or touchscreen if your BMW navigation system is equipped with one.

Learn more about BMW Apple CarPlay. 

Additional Multimedia Features

How about focusing fully on the road while controlling all your apps?  ENTRYNAV EVO’s voice control function is here to make it possible.

Apart from the original BMW CarPlay features, ENTRYNAV EVO head unit retrofit equips the vehicle with additional multimedia features found in the latest BMWs on the market. The list includes:

Voice Control: Call your family members, give navigation directions and search your iDrive features all using voice commands.
Enhanced Bluetooth: Pair up multiple devices via Bluetooth at once and stream music from your phone or USB. More on Enhanced Bluetooth.
BMW apps: Listen to Spotify through the car speakers and switch between songs with the help of the iDrive controller.

Service History

If your current head unit has the option to store your BMW’s service history, the ENTRYNAV EVO upgrade will also carry it over. 

How? The technician will download your car’s service history from BMW’s original database when coding your retrofit. This way you’ll be able to check up on all changes made to your vehicle throughout the years.

Clear ID6 Menu Interface

But more functions on the menu equals a messy display, doesn’t it?  Not at all! 

ENTRYNAV EVO head unit comes with a neat ID6 Menu interface, which arranges your iDrive menu layout in a clear, easy to read manner – just glance quickly and catch the most important info in seconds. 

Watch how you can customize the layout on your ID6 interface:

High Resolution BMW Touchscreen 

Know what else helps to catch info at a glance and allows for more intuitive control? High-resolution touchscreens!

If your BMW screen is roughly the size of the largest iPhones or Samsung Notes, or comes without touch functionality, the ENTRYNAV EVO 8.8” screen will level up your infotainment experience.

An 8.8” BMW touch screen packs a sharp 1280x480 display, OEM quality and doubles or even triples the 6.5” screen pixel count. For you that means clearer visibility of the displayed apps while keeping a spot-on integration with your BMW's interior. And more importantly, a quick, phone-like control of the entire hub. 

To check whether you’re compatible with BMW touchscreen decode your VIN.

Add iDrive Controller

Frequently touched iDrive controllers wear off – especially after over a decade of usage. So if you want your controller to complement the new modern look of your ENTRYNAV EVO head unit, replace it with a matching iDrive controller with or without the touch functionality.

To check what iDrive controller you’re compatible with, decode your VIN and go to the add-ons section.

Factory Parts & Look 

The ENTRYNAV EVO kit contains only BMW original parts and FSC-certified codes, so there is no need for aftermarket emulators. 

Please note that some parts included in your kit may be slightly used, but will be in a very good condition and full working order. All other parts will be brand new.

Remote Services like locking or unlocking the car with a smartphone, flashing the headlights or sounding the horn from afar, may not work in your vehicle. To learn whether Remote features will be available in your BMW after installation or not, contact us with your VIN.

To get to know more about installation and other features, identify your BMW.

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