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Mod Squad Motorsports, a custom car shop and BimmerTech certified installer based in Tyrone, GA, is capable of doing any work on your car.

When a BMW dealer mistakenly did not order a backup camera for a customer ordered 2016 X1, Kelly @ Mod Squad stepped up to the plate. He installed the first ever BimmerTech-provided OEM reversing camera kit for the F48 X1, just one of the BMW reverse camera kits available from BimmerTech. Since it was a “first ever” kind of installation, there were small details in the installation that Kelly had to masterfully navigate around. You can check out Mod Squad Motorsports' video explaining the installation process.

Now the BMW dealer can deliver this 2016 X1 to his customer in complete specification just as it was ordered. See for yourself how the OEM camera kit works in a second video from Mod Squad.

Visit Mod Squad Motorports on Facebook. or get your own OEM backup camera from BimmerTech.

This Year BMW celebrates its 100th birthday. On this occasion, we also asked you to imagine your dream car. Some of you had quite innovative ideas:

The best new feature: Self Cleaning Paintwork to restore your car to Showroom Condition after an exhilarating drive through the country.

I’d like to see BMW return to their roots as an Airplane engine manufacturer, creating an entirely new line of hybrid automobile/aircraft. Using the I8 as the basis, include state of the art electrical jet propulsion that would allow for the ultimate driving machine to become the ultimate flying/driving machine.

But we weren’t very surprised to hear that most of you are very satisfied with your BMWs just the way they are. It’s no accident that BMW is called the ultimate driving machine.
I am plain and simple, just an E60 M5 stick shift with AWD, the perfect car when you live in a cold climate. Speed, power and you can drive the car in the winter.

My dream BMW would be the F10 I own now! It has everything that I would want and more. I love my 535 M sport. The only drawback is when I bought the car it didn't come with a rear camera. But I know the people at BimmerTech will fix that.

It's hard to think about another vehicle or feature for BMW because they already cover many types of vehicles and vehicle features, but I would like to see an Ariel Atom type vehicle from BMW with advanced features. It would also be a good idea to make Driver Assistance Plus a Standard feature so that roads can be safer.

And what does BMW actually have in store for the next 100 years?

On March 7th our favorite car manufacturer announced BMW VISION NEXT 100. Its objective: to create cars that truly accompany their drivers – produced from the most innovative materials, highly efficient and sustainable and providing the best tailor-made experience for even most demanding drivers.

BMW’s vision is a vehicle that interacts continuously with the driver. A companion that senses your needs, enhances your perception, adjusts to your individual requirements and supports you in every driving situation.

Moreover, BMW understands that vehicles of the future will be judged increasingly by the impact they have on people and the environment. This is no longer just a question of energy consumption and CO2-emissions. Production processes, sourcing of materials and their recyclability will also play a crucial role.

Last but not least, BMW knows what drivers need when it comes to the driving experience. The company believes that future drivers will have a choice between taking the wheel or sitting back while the car drives itself. Their response is called Ease Mode – fully-automated driving allowing the driver to relax, work or be entertained and Boost Mode – providing the driver with an active driving experience in a vehicle customized to their preferences. Switching from one mode to another will take no more than a touch of the BMW logo in the middle of the steering wheel.

What features will become a reality in 10, 20 or 100 years? All we need do is follow BMW’s newest technology innovations to see where the road takes us. We can’t help but be excited. How about you?

If you feel like your older car isn’t keeping up with the pace, let us bring you up to speed with the latest technological upgrades!

Tuesday, 01 March 2016 14:11

Reasons To Love BMW


If there’s anything we all share – it’s a love affair with BMW! And there are as many reasons to love our cars as there are BMW owners.
We used Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to share our top 3 reasons with you:

1) There are no bad roads – only opportunities for new driving adventures.
2) It looks good EVERYWHERE.
3) The BMW slogan couldn't be more true. It really is the Ultimate Driving Machine, especially with the BimmerTech upgrades ;)

The responses we got back showed us just how head over heels you are! We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did.

Some of you value unquestioning obedience:
No matter how I handle her, she never says NO!

Others enjoy the grandeur of a premium driving experience:
Driving a BMW makes you feel like you’ve conquered the world!

Thanks to BimmerTech, my BMW 530d M Sport drives and looks like a Tornado fighter jet.

One reminisced about a past romantic encounter:
I parked up at the beach with my fiancé. The next thing we knew, the police were shining their flashlights in at us. They laughed it off in good spirits, even gave their siren a wale as they left for extra embarrassment. They said they only noticed because the halos were on but the car looked parked. Tip to BMW drivers, if the key is still in – the halos stay on. I found this out the hard way.

Many just couldn’t feel any closer to their cars:
Just like the unspoken love shared between father and child. The love I feel when I start my F80 is indescribable. The worst drive home is still better than a good day at work. Your car is the only girlfriend you can love without your wife getting mad (maybe just a little jealous). BimmerTech loves your car like you do.

Beautiful, slim and curvy … the way the seat hugs me and the way I grip the’s breath-taking! Here are some reasons why I love my BMW.
1. It’s a different experience driving a bimmer; switched from a Mercedes to an Inifinity to a BMW. Once you go BMW, you won’t go back.
2. It’s a great ride; as the slogan says, it’s the ultimate driving machine.
3. The ladies love them.
4. It goes "broom, broom".
5. My daughter thinks it’s the best car she’s been in; I have to agree with her on this one.


Here's to the love between man and machine!

Friday, 20 November 2015 14:23

Halloween at BimmerTech

Recently, we asked you to have a little spooky fun with us by submitting pics of your BMWs with a pumpkin in exchange for discounts on our Rear View Camera and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. In return, we received a hair-raising number of outstanding photos demonstrating not only your pumpkin carving skills but your creativity in designing a photo even without a pumpkin! Special congratulations to Bill from Connecticut, whose winning submission earned him a little something extra. Check out his photo, presented first, and other spooktacular submissions in our Halloween photo gallery and…thanks for such a terrorific response!


BimmerTech Halloween 1


BimmerTech Halloween 2


BimmerTech Halloween 3


BimmerTech Halloween 4


BimmerTech Halloween 5


BimmerTech Halloween 6


BimmerTech Halloween 7


BimmerTech Halloween 8

That seemingly random string of numbers printed on your BMW’s dash or on the driver’s side door jamb is more important than you think. Each of the 17 digits actually tells you something specific about your car, from when and where it was built to its feature-set. You can even use it on certain motor vehicle registries to find out whether the car is considered a salvage (repaired after a major wreck) or is listed as stolen. All essential information if you are buying a pre-owned or used car, simply want to do some comparison shopping, or wish to find the right upgrades or parts for your own car.

Why do I need to know my BMW's VIN?

As every vehicle has a unique identification number, knowing a BMW’s VIN can be a quick and reliable way of finding out more about the car and its past.

Checking BMW service history

Before buying a used vehicle, it’s normal to expect to see a record of the maintenance work done on the car through the years. The owner may be able to present a stack of paperwork detailing every service, but it isn’t uncommon for these kinds of records to get lost.

Fortunately, whenever a vehicle is serviced by a BMW technician, a computerized record of the work done is kept, including any parts replaced and the vehicle’s mileage. This information is all associated with the vehicle’s VIN, giving future mechanics an easy way to get an overview of all the work that’s already been done, without having to guess at how long the timing belt looks like it’s been in the car.

Some commercial services also allow individuals to use a VIN to access all this information themselves, helping anybody shopping on the second-hand market get a clear idea of how well the vehicle has been maintained. Seeing where the services were performed will also reveal where the car has spent most of its life — potentially vital with older vehicles, when the effects of climate become more pronounced. Some providers may even be able to offer more information, including any insurance claims or theft reports in the car’s history.

Tracking a new BMW from production to delivery

Having a custom car built to your specifications is exciting, but there’s a longer wait than taking whatever the dealer has on the lot. If you’ve ordered a new car from a BMW factory, your dealer should be able to give you the VIN of your future BMW before production has even started. With this information, it’s possible to track your car from the factory to your local dealership.

BMW’s records for each vehicle are updated as soon as the car enters production. You’ll then be able to see the production date, and know that your car is getting closer. If you’re feeling impatient, VINs usually come in order; XXXXX75 will be produced before XXXXX76, and after XXXXX74. Looking up the VINs of vehicles you expect to be built just before your vehicle should give you an idea of how long you have left to wait.

After production is complete, it may even be possible to track your vehicle on its way from the factory to your local dealership. Cars sent in freight generally use the VIN number to identify the cargo, so checking the shipping company’s freight records may give you an idea of when it’s due to arrive.

Finding aftermarket parts for your BMW by VIN

Many replacement BMW parts or retrofits are designed with a specific vehicle in mind, and rely on a specific factory configuration that may differ from car to car, even in the same model family. This is particularly important when it comes to technology and software retrofits, which must be adapted to your exact vehicle’s hardware in order to work.

At BimmerTech, we use your car’s unique identifier to make sure that we are sending you parts and kits that fit your exact make and model. That’s why we will often ask you for this number during the inquiry, ordering, or installation process. A VIN is enough to tell us exactly which parts and features can be found on your car, letting us prepare a compatible retrofit kit.

A VIN check is required when purchasing all BimmerTech products when compatibility depends on your vehicle’s configuration, including Apple CarPlay, Comfort Access, Rear View Cameraand iDrive Coding.

We also encourage you to look up your own VIN to help you decide which products are right for your BMW, whether it’s at BimmerTech, ModMyNav, or any other reputable online retailer. A great place to start is at a free BMW VIN check, which also works for MINI and Rolls Royce vehicles. Put in the last seven digits of your VIN and they’ll tell you everything you need to know to locate the right upgrades and retrofit kits, or just to find out a little more about your vehicle.

As every car's VIN is unique, the information gathered from running a VIN search is specific to the exact vehicle, not just to the model or production run. That means you'll be able to see every little detail about the car you own or are interested in buying. Vague information, like the model code and transmission type, right down to the production date, language version and factory color.

Where can I find my BMW’s VIN?

Your BMW’s VIN can be found printed on your vehicle. The most common locations are on the inside frame or jamb of the driver-side front door, or on the dashboard near the base of the windscreen on the driver’s side. To make identifying a VIN easier, remember that a valid VIN consists of exactly 17 letters and numbers.

If you can’t find your VIN on your vehicle or some of the characters aren’t clear, you should be able to find your VIN on your vehicle’s registration or insurance documents. You can confirm your VIN by checking it online and comparing the returned information to what you know about your vehicle.

To reduce the risk of confusion, VINs never include the letters I/i, O/o and Q/q, which can easily be mistaken for the numbers 1 and 0. If you’re having trouble decoding your VIN, double-check that you haven’t misread any of the characters.

Is it safe to share my BMW’s VIN?

Knowing a BMW’s unique VIN is a makes it easy to find out detailed information about the specific vehicle. For this reason, it’s common practice to include a VIN in the listing when selling a car, and is generally encouraged. In most vehicles, the VIN is clearly visible through the front windscreen, meaning that — like a license plate number — it is assumed to be public knowledge. For this reason, they are designed to be safe to share.

VIN number breakdown — what does the VIN mean?

Before checking your VIN, it might help to brush up on the VIN decoding system so you can understand what all those digits mean. This is just a general guide, because while the U.S., most of Europe, and some other countries all try to follow the same VIN format, there may be some differences depending on where you live. If you want more details, Wikipedia has them here.

Digits 1-3: These usually tell you where the car was assembled, the manufacturer, and the vehicle type.

Digits 4-8: These describe your particular vehicle, like its model, body style, engine type, and transmission.

Digit 9: This is the check digit, used simply to tell whether there is an error in the VIN, like if you input it incorrectly.

Digits 10-11: Used to tell the year and the factory where it was assembled.

Digits 12-17: Typically these make up the factory’s production sequence number, which identify the vehicle itself as a unique product.

As digits 10-11 are unique to each factory, and digits 12-17 will never be repeated by the same factory, the last seven digits of a VIN are enough to uniquely identify a BMW. BimmerTech therefore needs only these last 7 digits of the VIN to accurately match the right upgrades, parts, and retrofits to your car.

VIN breakdown

What information can I find from a BMW’s VIN?

With a VIN, it’s possible to find out a huge amount of information about a car’s factory configuration. Some of this information will be obvious just from looking at the car; even a novice shouldn’t have any problem counting up how many doors a car has. The color, too, should be obvious, but checking a BMW’s VIN will confirm the factory paint job and its color code, and could reveal whether the car has been resprayed during its life. Other information that can be gathered from checking a VIN, however, isn’t easily seen on the surface.

Looking up a VIN also gives detailed information about the vehicle’s transmission, engine capacity and horsepower, helping you check the accuracy of any questionable second-hand car listings. With the possibility that somebody could be trying to pass off a lower-specced BMW as something beefier, checking the first VIN is a good way to save yourself a wasted journey to take a closer look at what you’d hoped was your dream car.

Beyond a vehicle’s core specification, a BMW VIN check is also able to provide you a complete list of all the options the vehicle was equipped with from the factory, from the stereo system to the suspension type to the special climate version. This is vital information for checking what to expect from a used car, or to confirm compatibility with aftermarket retrofits.

How do I find which options my BMW has?

Most BMW options have an identifying code in the format S___A. For example, run-flat tires are option S258A, a digital instrument cluster goes under the option code S6WBA and option S522A refers to the optional xenon lights in many vehicles. A small number of options codes are formatted slightly differently, e.g. L___A.

Knowing which options you BMW is and isn’t equipped with can help you identify compatible upgrades. For example, let’s say you want to see if your vehicle has the feature set necessary to install a BimmerTech Premium Audio System. This product is compatible with BMWs with the S676A HiFi system. If you search our sample VIN K329921 at a free VIN lookup tool like, you will see a list of all the options built into this vehicle — one of which is option S676A, the BMW HiFi Loudspeaker System. With this information, we now know that this vehicle is ready to install a BimmerTech Premium Audio System and it will be with plug and play ease.

One more example. Let’s see if BimmerTech can activate BMW Apps in this vehicle. The product page says the car must be built in September 2010 or later and have options S602A (on-board monitor and TV) or S609A (Navigation System Professional) as well as one of the following: S633A, S639A, S644A, S6NKA, S6NLA or S6NHA. A quick check of VIN K329921 reveals the production date (July 5, 2014) and those features in the Options section (has S609A and S6NHA) meaning this vehicle gets the green light.

Ready to check your own BMW? After reading the requirements on any of the BimmerTech product pages, head over to the best BMW VIN decoder and see if you too get the green light. While your VIN report may not show all the options your vehicle has, it’s a good place to start.

Perhaps your best step is just to check with us. We’re always on-hand to help you decipher your VIN or personally match what you are looking for with your BMW. And we also have retrofit solutions to upgrade your vehicle should it fall short on factory-installed options.

If you need some help or guidance, we’re just an email away.

At BimmerTech, “Do It Yourself” doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Though we offer the world’s largest selection of BMW upgrade and retrofit kits for those who enjoy and take pride in DIY Bimmer add-ons (or who want to sidestep high dealer prices), we are proud to support our worldwide enthusiasts with superior service and support. If you haven’t yet browsed our kits — like our rear-view cameras or SiriusXM Satellite Radio — or installed one of our Navigation or Park Assist retrofits, then here’s a quick overview of some of the awesome customer service perks you can expect from your BimmerTech experience, no matter where you are in the world:

Super-Responsive Service. When you have questions, need some guidance on which kit is right for you, or want a little help with your install, we are just an email away. You can always expect a prompt reply, usually within minutes, often within hours, and never more than a day (due to any time differences). And if you prefer phone, you can use either of our North American or European numbers. For remote programming and product activation, assistance during your install, or when your phone options are limited, we also offer free Skype messaging.

Kits Prepared Specifically for Your BMW. All of our kits are created to order. That means when you place your order, you can be assured you will get a kit made just for your specific model, year, and specifications. So you know it will work and we know you’ll be thrilled. And while we do our best to ship kits by the next day, this commitment to creating kits to order can sometimes mean your kit will take a bit longer to ship (up to 10 days in some cases) as we order and assemble exactly the parts you need.

Instructions Customized for You. Because there are so many variables between BMW models and years and packages, installing a particular retrofit kit isn’t the same for everyone. To ensure you have the very best installation experience, we create instructions just for you based on the parts you receive from us. Though we run a tight ship on our end, we can’t always control what happens in transit, like when going through customs. So we use a simple system to confirm that you received everything we sent you (and don’t get stuck mid-project without the parts you need!): we ask you to send us a picture of the parts you receive in your kit. This way, we are able to make sure everything is there and then send you installation instructions to match.

Fast and Free Worldwide Shipping. That’s right, every shipment is free, no matter where in the world you are located! We ship DHL, which offers the fastest, most reliable international shipping anywhere. This means you will get a tracking number and your order within 2-5 days just about anywhere on the planet. Just ask our happy customers located in dozens of exotic places, from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and South Africa, to Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, India and many more.

Easy Payment Options. We accept all major credit cards plus PayPal and wire transfers. Choose the method that works best for you at checkout. To keep our product prices low, we do pass along standard credit card and PayPal transaction fees.

Have an awesome customer service experience you want to share? Or something that needs improvement that we may not be aware of? We welcome your feedback!

If you get that sinking feeling every time BMW comes out with a new feature or upgrade and wish you had waited just a little longer to purchase your baby, it’s time to throw those regrets out the window. Adding modern features, like a rear view camera, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, or an iDrive Touch controller is easy with a BimmerTech retrofit kit. If you have a few do-it-yourself skills and a free Saturday afternoon, your ultimate driving machine could soon be sporting a sweet, new makeover.

But what does refreshing your BMW involve? Let’s go behind the scenes of an iDrive Touch Controller Retrofit install so you can see for yourself how it works.


Interior of BMW 650i

iDrive controller


Behold, a beautiful 2014 650i BMW with the M sport package. It’s got it all... except the iDrive Touch Controller! That wasn’t a problem back in 2014, but in 2019 it’s starting to feel like something’s missing. The world is passing an otherwise great car by. Luckily, there's nothing stopping us from making a few custom additions...

This is a car that still has plenty of life left in it, so picking up a few pieces of modern technology makes perfect sense. An iDrive touch controller is quicker, safer and more convenient to use than the old spin-wheel, so it's a great way to give an older car a new lease of life.


Retrofitting iDrive touch

Since this 650i does have NBT iDrive (Navigation Professional), it can be upgraded to iDrive Touch with a single kit. If it didn’t have NBT iDrive, BimmerTech offers a retrofit kit for that, too.

After protecting any dirt-prone surfaces and connecting the car to an external battery charger to ensure the system stays online during programming, we’re ready to begin. We remove some of the trim surrounding the center console with just a screwdriver and simply swap out the original iDrive controller with the replacement iDrive Touch retrofit. Then we connect the Touch ECU to the existing iDrive controller wiring. So far, no wire-cutting necessary! We replace the console and get started on programming.


Coding the iDrive touch controller

BMW 650i seats

BMW 650i center console



If you are installing this yourself, you would take an internet-connected Windows laptop, and connect it to the OBD2 port located under the driver’s side dashboard with an ethernet cable. The OBD2 port is easily accessible; there’s no need to remove anything to access it! Then connect with our technician over the internet and we’ll take it from there, doing all the necessary programming remotely. BimmerTech works closely with dealers around the world, so if you prefer to have a local installer handling this for you, they’ll also be able to take care of the activation coding.


How BMW iDrive touch works

When complete, you will be able to enjoy a whole new way of interacting with your iDrive system. The touch-sensitive controller allows you to write letters with your finger directly on the iDrive knob rather than having to scroll for letter input. And yes, you can use this exciting new input method anywhere the system typically uses a speller wheel, from navigation to multimedia search, your contacts list and phone numbers.


iDrive Touch Controller


Another bonus of installing a BimmerTech retrofit kit is that since we take care of the programming, we can perform other software upgrades at the same time. In the install above, for example, we also updated the maps to the latest version, activated the the video playback control from the USB port in the armrest (including the ability to play high-definition .mkv files), updated the iDrive software, and set the Auto Start Stop button to remember the last settings. This last one was especially welcome, as it fixed a frustrating feature in many older BMWs that automatically shut off your car when you come to a complete stop, like at a traffic light. While you could always disable the feature, the system did not remember the settings and you were forced to re-disable it every time you started up the car. Our fix keeps your preferences stored for good! Fortunately, BMW has also fixed this issue in more recent models.


Upgrading your BMW

So, what’s your next dream upgrade? Likely, BimmerTech has a retrofit kit to make it happen. Start your feature search here or get in touch with us if you have any questions or we can help point you in the right direction.

Technology moves quickly; every year there comes a wave of new phones and laptops packing the latest features, and dropping features that used to be commonplace. Keeping a car — which could still be in production a decade after launch — up-to-date with the shifting tech landscape doesn’t come easy.

To make sure your vehicle doesn’t slip behind everything else you’re using, BMW regularly releases new software updates, improving multimedia support and compatibility with a wide range of popular mobile devices.


A BMW and an iPhone
Photo: BMW


The big questions are: what’s up with these updates? How do you find out about them? What is the latest bmw software version? How do you know if they are for your model BMW? And more importantly, can you install the updates on your own or do you have to go to your dealer?

Main or Partial iDrive software updates

Let’s give you a quick rundown on how it works. There are basically two kinds of BMW software updates.

  1. A main software update addresses system-wide issues and features, upgrading any of your bimmer car’s electronic control modules (ECUs) that require it. To make sure you are getting exactly the update you need, BMW computers will first check the hardware number on each of your ECUs. For this reason, these main software updates can only be completed by BMW dealers or shops equipped with special programming equipment (like BimmerTech). Unless something is not working correctly or you need the update in order to fix the car or get newer equipment to work, you won’t need this kind of upgrade. In fact, BMW recommends against it unless absolutely necessary, and we agree due to potential complications and risks.

  2. More common, though, is a partial software update, or media software update. This may cover things like multimedia, Bluetooth, Internet connectivity, or mobile compatibility with the latest version of Apple iOS or Samsung/Android system.. Any owner can install this kind of update themselves as long as their car features a Combox, which works with iDrive and enhances many technology features in your BMW. Newer NBT and later iDrive systems have Combox functionality built-in, making things even easier. But even older models can be retrofitted with iDrive (at and Combox (check out the BimmerTech Combox Retrofit Kit), adding greater multimedia capabilities.

Updating a stock BMW iDrive system

If your vehicle came with a newer iDrive system from the factory, or is an older vehicle with a factory-installed Combox, you can search for the latest software version for your vehicle on BMW’s software update website.

After entering your VIN, BMW will check its records to see which software is already installed in your car. If there is a newer version, you’ll be able to download it straight from BMW’s website, ready to transfer to a formatted USB flash drive. Inserting the flash drive into the USB port will let you install the software update. You’ll then immediately be able to connect a wider variety of devices to your BMW and start enjoying more multimedia features in your car, without having to take a trip to the dealer.

If there isn’t a more recent version of the software available for your car, BMW’s software update website will tell you so. In that case, a simple software update isn’t going to be enough to add any features you’re missing. BimmerTech offers BMW remote coding to improve connectivity with your smartphone and third-party apps, with coding options including Enhanced Bluetooth, BMW Apps and Apple CarPlay. Like updating your software, BMW coding can be as simple as plugging a flash drive into the USB port in your vehicle.

Apple CarPlay in a BMW

BimmerTech’s range of multimedia products for BMW also includes a hardware Apple CarPlay retrofit as well as our SmartView HD and SmartView HD Flex, offering Apple TV and smartphone mirroring support respectively.

Updating a retrofit iDrive or combox

You will only be able to download and install a software update file from BMW if your Combox or compatible iDrive is factory installed. If you installed the BimmerTech Combox Retrofit Kit or BimmerTech NBT Navigation Retrofit Kit, BMW’s records will still reflect that your car doesn’t have the new hardware, and therefore, won’t show that you qualify for the software update. In that case, all you do is get in touch with us and we’ll get you the official BMW update.

Whether you get the update directly from BMW or us, installing the software update is no more complicated than updating your navigation's map. Simply put the file on a thumb drive or other USB memory stick, plug it into the armrest USB port and go to the Settings menu in iDrive. Locate the Software Update option in the menu and follow the instructions on the screen.

Pretty straight-forward. But there’s one final question: what if you add a Combox or NBT Navigation using a BimmerTech upgrade kit and BMW introduces an essential main software update sometime down the road? No worries. Just remove the Combox/NBT before taking your BMW to your dealer for the update. Then reinstall it when you get it back. If it needs recoding as sometimes happens, just contact our tech team and we’ll get it going again in no time.

Apple fans will also be excited about being able to Retrofit Carplay into an older BMW if they decide on retrofitting NBT EVO with ID5/ID6 into their BMW.

The bottom line is, iDrive and Combox Media functionality can really make driving and using your BMW infinitely more enjoyable. So if you have the chance to upgrade, we say go for it. And, of course, we’re here to help if you want to do those upgrades yourself. Have questions or still need some guidance? Just get in touch!


Many BMW owners love the fact that they can add some of the latest navigation, audio, camera, Bluetooth, and Internet technologies to their BMW cars with an easy retrofit kit from BimmerTech. No longer are they limited to only factory-installed features. With some basic skills and tools, they can now do most of the aftermarket upgrades themselves — and BimmerTech is here to help.

So, what does it take to do a Do It Yourself (DIY) BMW retrofit? That’s one of our most frequently asked questions, so we thought we’d take a minute and answer it here.

First off, every one of our BMW add-ons is different and requires a varying skill level. If you’ve done any kind of upgrades to your car yourself, you will be able to take on a BimmerTech kit with ease. If you’re just beginning, but are pretty good at DIY, you should be fine — especially because we provide documentation and our super-responsive tech team is on-hand to walk you through your project if you need. And what if you just don’t have that mechanical touch (or the time), but still want to save money with a BimmerTech BMW retrofit kit? Our worldwide network of installers is at your service. After shipping the kit to you, just let us know the local installer of your choice and we’ll work with them to do any remote programming or activation. Dealer-quality or higher — for less! And if we don’t have an installer near you or you just want to use your favorite local audio shop? No problem. They will easily be able to install our kits and we’re happy to guide them if necessary.

Okay, back to what it takes for you to install a BimmerTech upgrade. Our easiest retrofits are software upgrades, like for adding SiriusXM Satellite Radio or BMW Apps, enhancing Bluetooth capability, or upgrading USB functionality. They don’t require any tools or hardware except an Internet-connected Windows laptop or MacBook running Windows. You plug in your computer and we take care of the rest remotely and via Skype, usually in about 20 minutes.

Upgrades like adding a rear view camera, Combox, or navigation require some hardware installation and sometimes a software upgrade or activation (again, which we do remotely). As mentioned, we provide instructions and support as needed to make sure your experience is a good one. Most of our upgrades are plug and play, meaning there are no wires to cut and when called for, we use easy OEM tap-in connectors (the same kind BMW uses) to make installation a snap. Others might require opening a panel, removing trim, or threading some wires from here to there, but it doesn’t get much more complicated than that.

Hope that helps clear up some questions or maybe some concerns. We want your BMW to have the technology upgrades it deserves — and we’re here to help make it happen. Let us know if you have any other questions about ordering the right kit or getting started.


This is your lucky day if you own a 2010 or later BMW and have been wondering just how great SiriusXM Satellite Radio would sound in your car. Answer: awesome. But that’s not all.

BimmerTech can get you the original satellite retrofit kit for half as much as dealers charge; you can have it up and running in less than 30 minutes without having to leave it at a dealer for hours or overnight; and you will qualify for up to a year subscription to SiriusXM, free!

As far as the fine print? There is none. BimmerTech makes it unbelievably easy to get that dream upgrade. Here’s the low-down:

All BMWs sold in the U.S. and Canada beginning with the 2010 models* come SiriusXM-ready. That means if you don’t already have Sirius radio installed, it’s all ready for you to add later. You just need a BMW-certified activation code to upgrade the software. Dealers charge $500 or more for this service and require you to leave your car with them.

When you order from BimmerTech, we get you the same official BMW code for just $299. Thanks to our innovative USB coding process, in many of the latest BMWs you'll only need a coding file from us. Save it to a flash drive, plug it into the USB port in your BMW and SiriusXM will be activated in your vehicle automatically. Otherwise, we'll send you an interface cable so you can connect your Windows laptop or Macbook running Windows, to your car. You then contact our technician via instant chat and he activates the service in less than 30 minutes.

If you are the original owner of your BMW, SiriusXM gives you a free one-year All-Access subscription, which you can start enjoying immediately. If you have a certified Pre-Owned BMW, you still qualify for a free three-month SiriusXM All-Access trial. That means more than 150 satellite radio channels with premium programming like Howard Stern, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, comedy, and tons more. Plus, you can access all that content and more on your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Now, what about BMW models E88, E93, or F33 — those without a built-in SiriusXM antenna? No problem. We sell that, too, and it just takes minutes to install.

It really is that easy. No wonder our SiriusXM Satellite Radio retrofit kits are some of our most popular!

You can check out your satellite radio retrofit options here and, as always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. We’re here to help you give your BMW the technology upgrades it was meant to have — more easily than you thought possible.

* A couple of models, including some 3-Series and 1-Series cars equipped with Radio Professional built until August 2010 require a new radio for this activation to work, even if they are prewired. If you are unsure if your model can be upgraded, email us and we’ll let you know.

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