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Fast, Free, and Easy: BimmerTech Turns Your BMW Retrofit Into a Rock Star Customer Service Experience


Jun 30, 2020

BimmerTech's retrofits

At BimmerTech, “Do It Yourself” doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Though we offer the world’s largest selection of BMW upgrade and retrofit kits for those who enjoy and take pride in DIY Bimmer add-ons (or who want to sidestep high dealer prices), we are proud to support our worldwide enthusiasts with superior service and support. If you haven’t yet browsed our kits — like our rear-view cameras or SiriusXM Satellite Radio — or installed one of our Navigation or Park Assist retrofits, then here’s a quick overview of some of the awesome customer service perks you can expect from your BimmerTech experience, no matter where you are in the world:

Super-Responsive Service. When you have questions, need some guidance on which kit is right for you, or want a little help with your install, we are just an email away. You can always expect a prompt reply, usually within minutes, often within hours, and never more than a day (due to any time differences). And if you prefer phone, you can use either of our North American or European numbers. For remote programming and product activation, assistance during your install, or when your phone options are limited, we also offer free Skype messaging.

Kits Prepared Specifically for Your BMW. All of our kits are created to order. That means when you place your order, you can be assured you will get a kit made just for your specific model, year, and specifications. So you know it will work and we know you’ll be thrilled. And while we do our best to ship kits by the next day, this commitment to creating kits to order can sometimes mean your kit will take a bit longer to ship (up to 10 days in some cases) as we order and assemble exactly the parts you need.

Instructions Customized for You. Because there are so many variables between BMW models and years and packages, installing a particular retrofit kit isn’t the same for everyone. To ensure you have the very best installation experience, we create instructions just for you based on the parts you receive from us. Though we run a tight ship on our end, we can’t always control what happens in transit, like when going through customs. So we use a simple system to confirm that you received everything we sent you (and don’t get stuck mid-project without the parts you need!): we ask you to send us a picture of the parts you receive in your kit. This way, we are able to make sure everything is there and then send you installation instructions to match.

Fast and Free Worldwide Shipping. That’s right, every shipment is free, no matter where in the world you are located! We ship with Fedex, DHL and USPS, for the fastest, most reliable international shipping anywhere. This means you will get a tracking number and your order within 2-5 days just about anywhere on the planet. Just ask our happy customers located in dozens of exotic places, from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and South Africa, to Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, India and many more.

Easy Payment Options. We accept all major credit cards plus PayPal and wire transfers. Choose the method that works best for you at checkout. To keep our product prices low, we do pass along standard credit card and PayPal transaction fees.

Have an awesome customer service experience you want to share? Or something that needs improvement that we may not be aware of? We welcome your feedback!

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