BMW DVD in Motion Unlocking

Bart Donda
Oct 20, 2020

What is Video in Motion BMW?

If your BMW has the option of playing videos via DVD and/or USB while parked, it's possible to unlock DVD in Motion (Video in Motion), allowing your passengers to watch movies while you are driving.

Video in motion is a very useful upgrade if you have a long journey ahead of you or simply want to keep your passengers entertained — perfect for family road trips or when traveling with children.

In addition, BimmerTech can also unlock services like Office Messages, Online Entertainment, Bluetooth Pairing and the User Manual for use while driving if they are already available in your vehicle when parked.

Note: Safety comes first, so we advise using the Video in Motion module responsibly and only when it is safe to do so, as not to endanger others or break any traffic laws. In some countries/states having a video playing in front of the driver is illegal. We recommend checking your local laws prior to upgrading.

BMW DVD in motion unlocking

What is BMW iDrive coding?

The Video & Services in Motion software is activated by coding your BMW. Through coding, an expert technician can make small changes to your iDrive software, unlocking extra features that weren't available from the factory.

BMW Video in Motion coding is:

  • Secure — coding only unlocks features that are already built into your BMW's software, and is 100% reversible, meaning there are no warranty concerns.
  • Fast — you'll be able to start enjoying your BMW's new features in less than an hour.
  • Convenient — BimmerTech offers BMW iDrive coding via cable and USB, so you won't even need to leave home.

As well as Video in Motion, unlock more iDrive features with BimmerTech to make the most of your car. Activate SiriusXM satellite radio and get all your favorite radio channels in your BMW. Upgrade to Enhanced Bluetooth to improve connectivity between your vehicle and your smartphone. Or go one step further with Apple CarPlay for BMW, unlocked at a time that suits you.

Best of all, you can unlock all your new features at once, in the same remote coding session, or automatically if using our innovative USB coding method.

To unlock Video in Motion your BMW must be:

  • Already able to play videos from DVD and/or USB while parked
  • Compatible with BimmerTech's USB or Cable iDrive Coding

To check availability for your BMW, visit our iDrive coding page. Simply enter your VIN and check your compatible coding upgrades.


How to enable Video in Motion BMW

If USB coding is available for your vehicle, you will receive the coding file by email after your purchase. All you have to do is download the file onto a flash drive and follow the simple instructions included. In the case of cable coding for older cars, we'll send you a coding cable and you will need to schedule a remote coding session with our technician.

Once DVD in Motion has been coded into your BMW and activated, you'll be able to continue watching movies through USB and/or DVD (depending on what your BMW already has available) once you start driving or begin anytime during your journey. The only thing left is to choose a film and enjoy the ride!

For more information about our Easy iDrive Coding options, feel free to get in touch with us.

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