BMW F30 328i Speaker & Subwoofer Upgrade — The Complete Guide (320i, 335i, ...)

Bart Donda
Oct 20, 2020

BMW F30 328i Speaker & Subwoofer Upgrade — The Complete Guide (320i, 335i, ...)

*This guide is also compatible with other F30 models such as the 318i, 320xi and more.

You drive a 2012-2018 BMW F30 328i (or different engine). Fantastic choice. For whatever reason, you’ve decided to explore the different audio upgrade options to make your F30 even better.

With all the different sound system upgrades and technical specifications out there, we created a complete simple-to-understand guide to making your BMW’s audio system sound amazing. But if you're interested in other retrofits for your specific vehicle, check out our post on a full list of upgrades for BMW 3-Series F30.

BMW F30 models speaker and subwoofer upgrade

1) Find out your current sound setup and available upgrades:

Before we get into any details, it’s crucial to check what your F30 is already equipped with.

The easiest way is to locate your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and enter it here to find your audio option below.



N/A (none of the below): Base (Stereo)

S676A or S674A: Hi-Fi

S688A or S677A: Harman Kardon

Base (Stereo)

Base is the lowest-level sound system for BMWs. In Canada and the US, this option is unavailable for F30s and is replaced by the Hi-Fi system as the basic audio setup.


None (The head unit is used instead of an amplifier)


4x Midrange (one in each door)

2x Underseat Subwoofer

Available BimmerTech Upgrades:

Amplifier: Premium Audio System + amplifier bracket + full wiring kit

Speakers: Alpha One Speakers (4x midrange, 2x tweeter, 2x underseat woofer)


The Hi-Fi option is a step above the base system; it introduces a 6 channel amplifier and a speaker upgrade. Two tweeters are added, as well as a midrange in the center channel (front deck).


BMW 6 channel Hi-Fi Amplifier


5x Midrange (one in each door, plus one in the center channel)

2x Tweeter (in each front door)

2x Hi-Fi Underseat Woofer

Available BimmerTech Upgrades:

Amplifier: Premium Audio System

Speakers: Alpha One Speakers (5x midrange, 2x tweeter, 2x underseat subwoofer)

Harman Kardon

The Harman Kardon setup is the top-tier sound system from BMW. It contains even more speakers, which are an improvement over Hi-Fi. The Amplifier has 10 channels and is connected to the head unit with a fiber optic cable.


BMW 10 channel fiber optic Harman Kardon Amplifier


7x Midrange (one in each door, plus one in the center channel and two in the rear shelf)

7x Tweeter (one in each door, plus one in the center channel and two in the rear shelf)

2x Harman Kardon Underseat Woofer

Available BimmerTech Upgrades:

Amplifier: Unavailable

Speakers: Alpha One Speakers (7x midrange, 7x tweeter, 2x underseat woofer)

Read more here for a thorough explanation of all the BMW audio options.  

2) Decide what you’d like to upgrade:

After understanding what your F30’s sound system consists of, you’re ready to move on to the fun part — choosing your upgrade. However, here you may read more about BMW sound system upgrade anytime.

Ideally, it’s recommended to get both an amplifier & speaker upgrade to achieve maximum performance. This also ensures your stock BMW amplifier/speakers aren’t bottlenecking your new upgrade. Plus, you’ll be able to install everything in one session.

If you’re not ready for a full upgrade, however, here are the upsides of each.

F30 Amplifier Upgrade

What does it do?

Adds/replaces your F30 amplifier for greatly increased power (which translates to higher volume) and audio clarity, as well as complete sound customizability such as EQ and crossover settings thanks to its powerful DSP. Find out why DSP is so essential to great sound in your car.

How long does it take to install?

Installation is simple and quick. With the Hi-Fi setup, BimmerTech’s Premium Audio System takes only an hour to install. If you have the base system the whole process will be longer as you will be adding an amplifier rather than replacing the stock BMW one.

F30 Speaker Upgrade

What does it do?

Replaces the stock BMW speakers to give you more clarity, power, and bass out of your speakers. Simply put - your music will sound awesome. If you have the base audio option, BimmerTech will also add two tweeters to your setup, in addition to replacing your other speakers.

How long does it take to install?

Speaker installation time will vary depending on how many speakers you’re replacing and your DIY experience. Changing the underseat woofers will take 1-2 hours, while the whole setup can take up to 6-8. Although the speakers were designed with easy installation in mind, you can simply visit one of our installers to save you the trouble.

3) Order your new audio upgrade

BimmerTech makes it simple to choose the right audio upgrade for your exact model.
All you need to do is visit our sound system upgrade page and enter your VIN or F30 model and sound setup. You’ll be matched with the right speakers and amplifier for your BMW. Done. However if you still need

audio upgrade for BMW F30

And now simply select the audio upgrade you need:


4) Find an installer or DIY

Once your audio upgrade is on its way, you can figure out if you want to do the installation by yourself or leave it in the hands of a BimmerTech installer. If you’d like to do it yourself, we’ve created an installation video tutorial for your F30 for the Alpha One Speakers and Premium Audio System. Every step is shown in detail to avoid any confusion.Otherwise, you can visit our dealer page and find your nearest installer for a quick and professional installation.


5) Enjoy studio-quality sound

Congratulations, you’re done! You’ll love driving your F30 more than ever.

For more information about our audio upgrade, contact us or visit our audio upgrade page.

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