BMW Underseat Subwoofer Upgrade Explained

Bart Donda
Oct 20, 2020

If you’re in the market for an underseat subwoofer upgrade in your BMW, we’ve covered the main reasons why such an upgrade is a great idea and how you can do it yourself.

underseat subwoofer upgrade in BMW


Stronger and punchier bass

One of the most common reasons to upgrade your subwoofers is for powerful bass — especially if you listen to bass-heavy music. It’ll make your songs come alive and the whole listening experience a lot more enjoyable.

Clear and accurate sound reproduction

Another crucial benefit of swapping your underseat woofers is a more accurate reproduction of bass. Stock BMW speakers (even Harman Kardon) are sometimes known to sound “muddy”, which translates to audio that is flat and lacking clarity.

No sound distortion

Ever crank up your volume and hear weird sounds that you aren’t supposed to hear? Often it’s referred to as rattling or crackling, and it means your stock speakers are most likely unable to handle the extra power.

Broader audio range in the low-end

A less mentioned, but equally important advantage of getting new woofers, is that it’ll allow you to hear sounds that previously weren’t there. This is a result of the previously mentioned extra audio clarity, but also due to speakers that can handle a wider range of frequencies.

Easy installation

While not related to sound quality, it’s worth noting that an underseat woofer upgrade in your BMW is a lot quicker and easier than doing a whole sound system upgrade. It’s perfect if you want to improve your audio, but aren’t ready to go all in yet.



 Replacing your woofers is an easy task, but it’s important to remember a few things:

Correct impedance

Not all woofers are equal. Selecting subwoofers with the wrong amount of ohms (Ω) for your sound system can result in poor sound performance or even damage to your woofers/amplifier. An easy way to check the correct impedance for your BMW is on our speaker page. Enter your VIN or model, and you’ll instantly find out which woofers you need.

Matching aftermarket speakers

If you’ve already upgraded your other speakers (mid-ranges and tweeters) or plan on getting them later, it's recommended to get them from the same brand. Although usually, it doesn’t cause issues, you’ll be sure your sound system isn’t unbalanced.


The actual installation itself should take you about an hour, and only requires unbolting your front seats and swapping the underseat woofers. Our certified installer, Bryan, made a video explaining the whole installation process for the BimmerTech Alpha One Speakers in his F30.

Find out how big a difference a quality speaker upgrade from BimmerTech can make to your BMW, straight from one of our happy customers:

If you still need more advice on upgrading your audio, visit our audio page for more information, or contact us by chat, e-mail, or phone. We’ll gladly help you choose the best option for upgrading your BMW’s audio.

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