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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 11:57

Why Upgrade your BMW's Amplifier?

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You might think an audio upgrade is usually limited to upgrading the speakers, and maybe throwing in a subwoofer for extra bass.


What you might not know is that the car’s amplifier is just as essential in order to achieve HiFi sound.


“But what does an amplifier do exactly?” you might be thinking. The primary role of an amp is to increase the amplitude of an (audio) signal, effectively making your music louder. This doesn’t just mean higher overall volume though. For example: outputting more power to the OEM woofers, means stronger bass, without even changing your underseat woofers. In the image below, you can see the difference in output power per channel between the factory BMW amplifier and the BimmerTech Premium Audio System.


BMW Speakers Upgrade


That’s not all, however — you can expect better performance as well as cleaner, more natural and accurate sound. No matter how good your speakers are, they will only replicate the signal that they receive. With an amplifier, your speakers will play music the way it’s supposed to be heard, enabling you to hear the reverberation in the vocals and identify each individual instrument. (This is provided you don’t have the basic audio option without tweeters; in that case we strongly recommend a speaker upgrade first.*)


If you’re looking at high-end amplifiers, they will most likely come with a user-adjustable DSP.

DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing. The analog signal gets converted into a digital one, processed, and converted back to analog before it goes into your speakers. What this means is you can tweak all kinds of advanced settings such as delay, crossover, and EQ. The latter is worth noticing: you’ll be able to custom tune your audio to your exact musical taste. Prefer stronger bass? Quieter vocals? No problem.


However, all this extra tuning requires expert knowledge and a bit of measurement equipment (or a good ear). Fortunately, if you’re not experienced, we’ve saved you the trouble and offer the BimmerTech Premium Amplifier pre-loaded with a custom tuning file for its 64-bit fully user-adjustable DSP to give you the most out of your OEM or upgraded speakers.


Last, but not least — we made it one of the quickest and easiest upgrades you can do. Unless you have the most basic audio option in your BMW*, installation takes no longer than an hour and doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge. This makes it a perfect choice if you want to upgrade your audio without the extra hassle that comes with replacing your speakers. You’ll be enjoying HiFi sound in no time!

*You can check this by entering your VIN on and checking for the HiFi (S676A) option or Harman Kardon (S674A) option. If none of these appear then your car has the basic audio option without tweeters.
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