SiriusXM Satellite Radio for Your BMW: a Siriusly Cool and Easy DIY Upgrade

Oct 22, 2020

This is your lucky day if you own a 2010 or later BMW and have been wondering just how great SiriusXM Satellite Radio would sound in your car. Answer: awesome. But that’s not all.

BimmerTech can get you the original satellite radio retrofit kit for half as much as dealers charge; you can have it up and running in less than 30 minutes without having to leave your car at a dealer for hours or overnight; and you will qualify for up to a year's trial subscription to SiriusXM, free!

How to get SiriusXM car radio

So what's the catch? There isn't one. BimmerTech makes it unbelievably easy to get that dream upgrade with our SiriusXM car kit. Here’s the low-down:

In which countries is SiriusXM available?

It's important to keep in mind that SiriusXM isn't a global service, and is only available in the United States and Canada. In the U.S., the SiriusXM satellite signal also only covers the 48 contiguous states and surrounding waters, with partial coverage in Puerto Rico.

Those living in or travelling to Alaska and Hawaii will not be able to access SiriusXM through the satellite radio signal. However, SiriusXM is available for streaming online across the United States, including areas not covered by the satellite radio signal.

Which BMWs have SiriusXM satellite radio?

All BMWs sold in the U.S. and Canada beginning with the 2010 models* come SiriusXM-ready. That means even if you don’t already have Sirius radio installed, everything's ready for you to activate it whenever you want. If you aren't sure if your car has the required hardware to activate SiriusXM, just decode your BMW's VIN and check for the Satellite Radio Preparation option (S693A).

With the satellite radio equipment already fitted in your vehicle you just need a BMW-certified activation code to upgrade the software and get SiriusXM working in your car. Dealers charge $500 or more for this service and require you to leave your car with them, often even overnight.

When you order from BimmerTech, we get you the same official BMW code for just $299. Thanks to our innovative USB coding process, in many of the latest BMWs you'll only need a coding file from us. Save it to a flash drive, plug it into the USB port in your BMW and SiriusXM will be activated in your vehicle automatically, without the need for any BMW iDrive coding software. Otherwise, we'll send you an interface cable so you can connect your Windows laptop (or Macbook running Windows) to your car. You then contact our technician via instant chat and he activates the service remotely in less than 30 minutes.


It really is that easy. No wonder our SiriusXM Satellite CarRadio retrofit kits are some of our most popular!

Installing a SiriusXM car radio antenna

Most recent US/Canadian-spec BMWs come with all the required equipment to activate SiriusXM, from the radio itself to the wireless car radio antenna that receives the satellite signal nationwide.

Now, what about BMW models E88, E93, or F33 — those without a built-in SiriusXM antenna? No problem. We sell that, too, and it just takes minutes to install. Our support team will provide full installation instructions with your SiriusXM activation order, and are on hand to help you through every step of the process.

How much does SiriusXM cost?

SiriusXM operates on a subscription basis, with a range of available packages to choose from. Like cable TV packages, each includes a different selection of channels and extra features, making it easy to choose the best subscription plan for you. Without an active SiriusXM subscription, it won't be possible to listen to satellite radio in your BMW, whether your vehicle came from the factory with an active satellite radio or your chose to activate it later with BimmerTech.

However, if you are the original owner of your BMW, SiriusXM gives you a free one-year All Access subscription, which you can start enjoying immediately after activating your satellite radio. If you have a certified Pre-Owned BMW, you still qualify for a free three-month SiriusXM All Access trial. That means more than 150 SiriusXM radio stations with premium programming like Howard Stern, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, comedy, and tons more. The full SiriusXM radio channels list 2019 is available on the SiriusXM website. Plus, you can access all that content and more on your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Please note that the free trial period is a SiriusXM promotion, and your eligibility for this offer is not determined by BimmerTech. To activate your free trial, call the SiriusXM activation number, which can be found by opening satellite radio, pressing the "Option" button on your BMW's center console and scrolling down to "Show subscription info".

How to cancel SiriusXM radio

If you decide you want to cancel or change your SiriusXM subscription, the SiriusXM sales team can help. Contact information is available on the SiriusXM website.

Transferring your SiriusXM subscription from another car

If you already have an active SiriusXM subscription from another vehicle, SiriusXM lets you transfer your subscription to a new radio, or add additional radios to your account. After activating the satellite radio in your BMW, please contact a SiriusXM representative for more help managing your account and devices.

As BimmerTech's SiriusXM satellite radio activation process uses your BMW's native satellite radio capabilities, all the offers, packages and features that would have been available in your vehicle with SiriusXM active from the factory can also be enjoyed after unlocking the satellite radio in your BMW with BimmerTech.

How to use SiriusXM in your BMW

Using your BMW's native satellite radio capability also makes for a smooth user experience. Unlike when using a non-integrated solution, like installing a SiriusXM Onyx radio in your car, BimmerTech's remote satellite radio activation lets you access SiriusXM entirely through your BMW's iDrive system.

Satellite radio will appear as an option on the Media/Radio menu, alongside other music sources, like FM radio or your vehicle's AUX input. Using the iDrive controller, you can switch between stations quickly by scrolling through the list, as well as use the menu options to browse by category, access or modify your preset favorite SiriusXM channels or check the full programming schedule.

Streaming SiriusXM online

With SiriusXM's All Access package, available as a free trial after activating satellite radio in your BMW with BimmerTech, you aren't even limited to enjoying your subscription only in your car. The SiriusXM car subscription also includes a streaming option, making it easy to listen to all your favorite stations wherever you go with the SiriusXM app for iOS and Android phones.

If you have SiriusXM in your car, you can also listen online on your PC; the SiriusXM app is available from the Microsoft Store for PC and Xbox One, giving you even more ways to listen. As well as letting you access SiriusXM from all your devices, the apps also include extra features, like on-demand listening to any shows you might have missed.

After your SiriusXM free trial period is over, you have the option of renewing your All Access subscription, adding the streaming option to one of the other SiriusXM packages or — for those who prefer other streaming services outside their cars — continuing with a car-only subscription plan from SiriusXM.

You can check out your satellite radio retrofit options and, as always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. We’re here to help you give your BMW the technology upgrades it was meant to have — more easily than you thought possible.

* A couple of models, including some 3-Series and 1-Series cars equipped with Radio Professional built until August 2010 require a new radio for this activation to work, even if they are prewired. If you are unsure if your model can be upgraded,email us and we’ll let you know.

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