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Everyday Convenience, or a Taste of the Extraordinary?

Paul Smith

Jan 8, 2020

What makes for the perfect driving experience? Comfort? Power? Control? Or maybe something altogether different…?

To find out, we talk to Michael from, a father and son team who specialize in finding exceptional, “hard to find” classic cars.

Michael and son Tyler from MyRod.comMichael and son Tyler. Photo ©

BimmerTech: You’re clearly passionate about classic cars. What is it about them that appeals to you so much?

Michael: Almost everything. From the designs of the period to the experience behind the wheel. But I guess the thing I love most is experiencing “car culture,” whether it’s visiting with folks at a vintage car show or just me behind the wheel waving back at all the admirers as I randomly drive around.

B: It’s no surprise you get attention! Some of the vehicles you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on are truly beautiful machines. But is it all about the look, or is there more that goes into making the ideal classic car?

A 1967 Mustang Fastback GT 390 S-Code1967 Mustang Fastback GT 390 S-Code previously sold through Photo ©

M: It can be different things to different people. The trend today is towards driving the cars more often and for greater distances. Hence the popularity of modern upgrades and enhancements to once all-original cars.

In fact, there is an entirely new classification of collector car that barely existed 10 years ago called the resto-mod, meaning “restored” and “modified.”

B: Collectors certainly aren’t alone in wanting to modify their cars. Everybody has their own ideas about what they want to do in their vehicles, and customization is a great way to make sure the car is up to the job, whatever its age.

We meet plenty of BMW owners looking for the right upgrade to make their daily routines easier, whether they’re driving to work, bringing groceries back from the store or dropping the kids off at school.

We feel that a car that’s easier for people to use every day does a lot to improve the whole driving experience. Are vintage cars really convenient for everyday use, or do you have to sacrifice a little convenience for a great driving experience?

M: It depends on what era of classic car you are talking about but generally speaking they go from very impractical and inconvenient to much more practical and even suitable to some as a real world daily driver.

B: And how about the driving experience? Can a modern car give the same feeling you get from driving a classic car?

M: The visceral experience of driving a classic is completely lost behind the wheel of most modern cars. For the most part, one gets behind the wheel of a classic by choice. He or she has chosen to have a very distinct experience that only that particular car of that particular year provides.

On the other hand, most modern cars are driven as a matter of daily routine with less thought to the experience behind the wheel. Which brings me back to the subject of the “resto-mod” which is sort of a fusion of the classic car and components of the modern car.

A 1957 Cameo resto-mod1957 Cameo resto-mod previously sold through Photo ©

In this case, I would say that a highly refined “resto-mod” can be comparable in some ways to a modern car in terms of the road experience but that’s where the similarity ends. The visual differences remain dramatic.

B: Seems like it could be a good way for people used to modern comforts to get into the world of classic cars. But as somebody who’s spent their life around these vehicles, are there any modern features that you wish were more easily available in classic cars? Or is part of the enjoyment of driving a classic getting away from all these high-tech distractions?

M: The primitive technology is part of what speaks to me and so many others when it comes to classic cars. But I don’t know any classic car owner that does not have a modern car for all the reasons that make modern cars wonderful. The ever improving technology going into the modern cars is simply amazing. Anything that adds safety, comfort, convenience and FUN to a car (be it classic or modern) is a great thing in my book.

A BMW 507 once owned by Elvis PresleyA BMW 507 once owned by Elvis Presley. Photo: BMW Group Classic

What about you? Have you ever been tempted by a classic, or do you prefer the convenience of the latest, feature-packed vehicles?

Convenience-lovers can now get everything you need to take the hassle out of your daily routine from BimmerTech.


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