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What Did We Do in 2016?

Paul Smith

Oct 19, 2020

2016 has been a busy year for BMW, as it celebrated a century of automotive excellence. And it’s been no less busy for us here at BimmerTech. We’ve continued to develop innovative multimedia retrofits for every BMW lover. We’ve listened to your feedback and brought the features you were looking for to the iDrive. We’ve been doing everything we can to make sure your car is the best it can be.

So what exactly have we been doing these last 12 months?

We Showed You the Easiest Way To Code Your iDrive

On April 1, we revealed a quick and easy way to code the NBT iDrive system. Our automatic coding procedure made it as simple as plugging a USB stick into the port in your BMW. Within a few minutes, your BMW’s hidden features were unlocked. Who else can do that for you?

We Loved Looking at Amazing Photos of Your Cars

BimmerTech Photo Contest

We saw some incredible pictures at the start of May, as you sent in the photos you’d taken for our BimmerTech Photo Contest. Budding photographers were treated to discounts, free gifts and other prizes to take their BMW up a level.

Missed out last time round? Check back in 2017 for the second edition!

We Let You Mirror Your Smartphone in Your BMW

In June we brought Apple TV to the iDrive display. Our SmartView HD made it possible to enjoy all your favorite Apple TV apps wherever you went. AirPlay technology also let you mirror your iPhone to the iDrive screen in high definition.

At the same time, we made a few technical changes to improve our original SmartView. Wireless smartphone mirroring is now more stable than ever. There’s nothing to stop you using everything iOS and Android has to offer in your car.

We Did a Load of Really Clever Computer Stuff

We modified our custom interface to provide improved image quality and greater functionality. Now our retrofits are even easier to use, and most can be operated through the built-in iDrive controller.

We Showed Even More of You the Easiest Way To Code Your iDrive

BMW iDrive coding

We’re always looking for ways to let more of you customize your BMWs. Owners of vehicles with NBT iDrives had already seen just how easy iDrive coding could be, but in August, we revealed that our automatic USB coding method was now compatible with the CIC iDrive.

This meant even more of you were able to activate enhanced Bluetooth quickly and easily, enjoy video in motion, or turn off the legal disclaimer in your cars.

We Helped CCC iDrive Users Enjoy Everything 2016 Had To Offer

We didn’t want to see owners of older vehicles missing out on the latest features, so in November, we released VividScreen. Pairing an 8.8” high resolution screen with our custom interface, it’s the ultimate upgrade for the first-generation CCC iDrive system.

Older 3-Series E90/91/92/93, 5-Series E60-61 and 6-Series E63/64 models are now compatible with our range of multimedia retrofits.

We Got Excited About What We’ll Be Doing Next…

And we’re not done yet. We’ve got even more innovation in the pipeline, to help take your BMW to the next level. Looking to improve your car’s audio system? Or get even more out of your dashboard display?

Watch this space.

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