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How to program BMW garage door opener?

Hadiya Rahman

Aug 18, 2021

Sometimes it is difficult to step out of your car if it's snowing or raining so it's a great idea to have a garage door that can be automated to open at a push of a button. 

What’s even better is having that button always near you without having to constantly look for your… um... third or forth remote? This is why BMW offers you the option of a fully automated car-to-home system controlled from your rear view mirror! What a great way to minimize your pile of redundant devices ;) In this blog post we’ll show you how to program it, use it and add it to your BMW if you’re lacking this convenience.

What is BMW HomeLink?

Being one of the most technologically advanced home automation systems, BMW HomeLink is one of the most trusted car-to-home platforms that are available on the market today. This BMW garage door programming seamlessly integrates your BMW into your home giving you wireless control over your gates. 

The BMW garage door system is seen to be part of the 2007 onward BMW models. With HomeLink, you don’t have to worry about multiple remotes as this feature crosses out the need for a garage door remote and allows you easy access to your garage.

Programming BMW garage door opener is one of the best ways to ensure that your entry into your homes is as swift as your drive in your BMW. With the BMW universal garage door opener, you don’t have to worry about what type of opener to buy. Even then if you are confused, we are here to guide you.

What does HomeLink do?

Your HomeLink promises you options like turning on your home's security system, switching the outdoor lights on and off along with the appliances, and managing the exterior door controls. However, when paired up with your BMW, it can only control the opening and closing of your garage doors.

Did you know? You can control your garage door with only three buttons located on the rearview mirror!

What does HomeLink do?

If you want to read more about BMW’s hidden features, give this blog a read. 

Which BMWs are compatible with HomeLink?

The BMW HomeLink is compatible with the BMWs that are manufactured 2007 and onwards. . The list includes:

  • E90/F30/G20 BMW 3 Series
  • E60/F10/G30 BMW 5 Series 
  • E63/F12/G32 BMW 6 Series
  • F65/F01/G12 BMW 7 Series
  • G15 BMW 8 Series
  • I12  BMW i8 Series
  • E83/F25/G01 BMW X3 Series
  • F16/G02 BMW X4 Series
  • E70/F15/G05 BMW X5 Series
  • E71/F16/G06 BMW X6 Series
  • G07 BMW X7 Series
  • E89/G29 BMW Z4 Series

How to know if a garage door has BMW programming for HomeLink?

If your garage door remote is programmed to open and close a compatible two-way garage door or gate, when you reach near to it your HomeLink will blink its last-known status indicator arrow. This shows you  whether or not your HomeLink was used to open or close this garage door. If it does not blink, then it means that the BMW garage door opener compatibility  is missing.

How to set up a BMW garage door opener?

To set up and carry out the programming for the BMW garage door opener, using the BMW HomeLink setup is a pretty easy task for someone as smart as you! It would not take any longer than a few minutes of your precious time. You might want to go through the HomeLink user manual as that has the most accurate training instructions. However, if you do not want to go through the hefty manual or cannot find it, we got you covered! 

BMW rear view mirror HomeLink can be programmed seamlessly by using the buttons on the rearview mirror. These buttons can be programmed to be made responsive with any remote-controlled door. Here is how to set BMW garage door opener:

  1. Get in your car and close all the doors.
  2. Press and then release the HomeLink button which you would like to program.
  3. Wait till the indicator light starts flashing orange.
  4. Hold up your gate or garage remote within a distance of 1-2 inches of your BMW HomeLink system.
  5. Now proceed to press and hold the ‘Open’ button on your remote.
  6. Continue holding down the remote button until your HomeLink indicator light turns a bright solid green. 
  7. Now you should release both buttons.
  8. Press the HomeLink button once to confirm.

Your HomeLink is now paired and the setup is complete.

Now it's time for you to program the BMW garage door opener with the remote. You have to ensure that the HomeLink setup is complete and activated. By doing this, you can now easily be able to open and close your garage door with and without the remote. This is how you can do it:

  1. Enter your garage and find where your BMW garage door opener is located.
  2. Once you’ve located it, press the ‘Smart’ or ‘Learn’ button at the back of the device. You may find one or both, depending on the design.
  3. Return to your car within 30 seconds, proceed to press the HomeLink button for two seconds.
  4. Repeat and press this button three times.

Your garage door is now paired and now you can use either the remote or the HomeLink system to open and close it.

Suggestions and precautions for programming BMW HomeLink:

  • Before you start programming a BMW garage remote, ensure that your area is devoid of any large objects or people. 
  • Make sure your car is not parked too far away from the garage area.
  • It’s always a good idea to get a new battery for your garage door remote to ensure accurate programming.
  • If your garage door opener uses a rolling code, keep a stepladder around you as you may need it to reach the ‘Smart’ and ‘Learn’ button later with the HomeLink garage door setup.

How to reset BMW HomeLink? 

Is your BMW garage door opener setup not working on the first attempt? This means that you may have a rolling code that is built into your garage door. If that seems to be the case, you’ll have to reset it and program the BMW  garage door opener again. Here is how it is done:

  1. Get into your vehicle.
  2. Hold down buttons 1 and 3 of the rearview mirror simultaneously.
  3. Keep holding it down until you see that the LED is blinking.
  4. Now keep holding the buttons down until the light starts to blink faster.
  5. When you hold it for 30 seconds, you will notice that the blinking stops completely.

Your BMW HomeLink is now cleared and reset. You can now proceed to reprogram it.

How to reprogram a BMW garage door opener?

In case you have a new garage door or you have erased or cleared the previous HomeLink setup, your HomeLink can be overwritten without having any impact on the other programmed buttons. This is what you need to do:

  1. Step inside your vehicle. 
  2. Press down and proceed to hold the HomeLink button you need to reprogram.
  3. Continue to hold down the HomeLink button for more than 20 seconds.
  4. Continue holding down until the HomeLink indicator light starts to flash slowly.
  5. While you still hold down the HomeLink button, take your garage door remote close until it is 30 cm below the HomeLink buttons.
  6. Proceed to press and hold the garage door remote until you see that the HomeLink indicator light starts to flash rapidly.
  7. Hold the HomeLink button and wait for the indicator light to turn solid.

Your reprogramming is now complete and your garage door should now work with the remote with the HomeLink setup. This is all it takes to program a BMW garage door opener without a remote.


BMW comes with a multitude of comfort features that ensure that not only your drive but your life is made easier. Like the HomeLink allows you to gain a pretty easy access into your garage, just for your comfort many other features are being offered by BMW to its prestigious clientele. Did you know that BMW comes with a huge range of hidden functions and features that are designed only for your added comfort so you need to become Dora the Explorer to explore them all :P If you feel like we have missed out on some crucial information, feel free to reach out to us in the comments section. You know we love hearing from you!

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