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All you need to know about MINI Cooper Key Fob - TOP 7 features

Hadiya Rahman

Aug 6, 2021

All you need to know about MINI Cooper Key Fob - TOP 7 features

BMW aims to provide its owners with amenities that just make their lives easier. The keyless entry key fob that comes with the BMW Comfort Access Vehicles has revolutionized the way you enter your BMW. Similarly, the MINI Cooper comes equipped with the key fob that helps you enjoy the luxuries of having a MINI even before you enter your car. 

You might have a new MINI Cooper key replacement that has you dumbfounded or maybe you upgraded to a newer one and have a few questions buzzing around in your head. Here we’ll cover the most important functions of your fob – show you how it can help you control your car mirrors, close your trunk or even start your MINI remotely! Let’s dig into it:)  

MINI Cooper key replacement

What are the MINI Cooper key fob functions?

Your MINI Cooper key fob carries out many functions. Amongst others it can:

  • Raise and lower the windows to your MINI Cooper 
  • Remotely open and close your car’s trunk.
  • Open and close the sunroof of your MINI Cooper.
  • Initiate the panic button sequence in which the horns blare and the lights flash
  • Change the seat and mirror positions of your MINI Cooper (creating your personal driver profile)

What is the MINI Cooper key fob’s most loved function? It sits snugly in the palm of your hand so you don’t have to worry about losing it :P Find out even more about key fob features.

MINI Cooper key fob functions

MINI Cooper Remote Window Control

Did you know that you could have your car ventilated with fresh air even before you slide into the driver’s seat? You can choose to roll up and roll down your windows (and even sunroof) remotely just by pressing the ‘lock’ button on your MINI Cooper key fob. If you don’t have this feature yet, get it coded with BimmerTech

MINI Cooper Remote Mirror Control

Having a hard time protecting your wing mirrors in tight spaces? Then the Remote Mirror Control got you covered! With this option you can fold and unfold your mirrors using the MINI Cooper key fob. You need to press and hold ‘lock’ to fold the mirrors on and unlock to unfold them back. If you have an older model, then we can code it for you.

MINI Cooper Remote Trunk Closing

Your MINI Cooper does not come with an automatic tailgate that can be closed remotely in case you forget to close it. The MINI Cooper key fob can be used to close your trunk remotely. All you need to do is press and hold the “lock” button down until the tailgate closes and guess what? This locks the doors as well, making sure your car is safe! This option is available on the MINI Cooper Countryman only. If you seem to have problems with your tailgate and need some pro-tips, then check our blog post. In case you have a version of the MINI Cooper that does not have an automatic tailgate and need to get the MINI Cooper Remote Trunk Closing option,  this is where our coding comes in.

MINI Cooper Acoustical Lock Confirm

If your MINI Cooper comes with an inbuilt alarm, the vehicle can be coded for an acoustical lock confirmation. With a beeping sound, this will indicate when the vehicle is  locked and unlocked. This is available in the MINI Cooper F55 and F56 models only. 

Personal Driver Profiles

Isn’t it just horrible when someone messes with your seat positioning or your car settings in general? When someone comes along to drive your car and they change  the perfect position you set your car seat in, you can only internally scream in anguish.

This is why BMW has come up with a feature known as the Personal Profile or the driver profile. This feature lets your car recognize which driver is driving the vehicle by distinguishing the key fob that is being used by the MINI driver. You can order additional MINI Key Fob  and set different profiles on them according to your needs. These include the seat and mirrors adjustment, climate control or radio settings, along with many others that are suited to the driver’s specific needs.

It is very easy to create a profile. All you need to do is go into the MINI Connected menu choose the correct driver profile from there manually. You can also set up multiple Personal Profiles according to the number of fobs that you have.

Your MINI Cooper Key fob with its personal profile takes care of many things for you. These include:

  • Unlocking and locking of your car.
  • Light settings that you prefer the most. 
  • The climate control is set as per your requirement. 
  • Your favorite radio station is also set up in the volume. 
  • The rearview camera, side view, and the heads-up display adjustments.
  • Your navigation and routes. 
  • The driver dynamics control is also part of this feature created by BMW to facilitate you. 
  • The adjustment of the driving seat, exterior mirror, steering wheel, and interior mirror positions. 
  • Intelligent safety that is set according to your driving style with active blind spot detection. 

MINI Cooper Comfort Access 

MINI Cooper’s comfort access system lets the owner open the car door and start the engine without having to touch the key at all. All you have to do is to have the key somewhere on you or near you. 

The sensors are unique in the way that they will recognize you (by the key in your pocket or purse!) and proceed to unlock your car and ignite the engine. The vehicle detects you in the vicinity where you are about to enter the car and prepares the vehicle for you. 

The MINI Cooper comfort access keyless entry supports and provides the function of locking and unlocking the vehicle along with unlocking the trunk lid separately. If you are wondering whether your MINI has Comfort Access, you just need to hop over to the article Everything you need to know about BMW Comfort Access to find out more. 

MINI Cooper Remote start 

The remote start for the MINI Cooper system brings to use the pre-existing keys and is activated quite easily. The system then communicates with the control units of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is safe to start. The remote start makes it easy for you to start your vehicle without having to physically start the engine. With this feature, you are sure to enjoy the entry in your car to the gentle hum of your engine as it's already started.

This remote start feature is available only for  some MINI Cooper models. These include the MINI Cooper F56, F55; 3-door and 5-door MINI Hatch. The system includes a set of remote transmitters that come with a 2-way LED, along with a module for remote start, and a vehicle-specific t-harness that is required for installation. 

How to use the remote start with your MINI key fob? Easy. You need to just push the ‘lock’ button two times and then press it for the third time; continuing to hold it down for a couple of seconds until remote start is triggered.  

How to activate MINI Cooper Key Fob

The activation procedure will differ depending on your car generation, but Mk I MINIs produced since July 2004 have the most involved activation process:

  1. Get yourself into the driver’s seat
  2. Make sure you have both the keys on you and that your vehicle is closed
  3. On the first turn of the ignition switch turn KL-R 
  4. Make sure you switch it off within the first three seconds 
  5. Now go ahead and remove the key
  6. Press and hold the unlock button, simultaneously for 30 seconds
  7. Tap the lock button three times and within 10 seconds
  8. Release both buttons and you will find your MINI Cooper doors will lock/unlock. This will be a  signal for the successful initialization.
  9. If you have more than one key, repeat steps 3-4 within the next few seconds
  10. When you switch on the ignition back to KL-R position, then it completes the activation process.

When leaving the car, test out the keys with all its functions including the ones that are included in the MINI Cooper Comfort Access keyless entry system.

MINI Cooper Key Fob battery

If your MINI key fob is not working the chances are that it has run out of battery. Fortunately, it is not very hard to know how to replace one. All you need to do is open the cover and insert a type CR 2032 battery with the positive side facing up. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. First remove the key blade by pressing the silver button on the side of the fob
  2. Pull out the keyblade out and insert a screwdriver into the fob
  3. Pull off the cover and put it away
  4. Insert the screwdriver into the retainer plate and pop that off too
  5. Remove the battery and replace it with a new one
  6. Replace the retainer plate with the tab side first
  7. Snap the cover back on and replace the key blade into the fob

Your key fob should work now and if not, your fob might have gotten too old or faulty. This means it’s about time you order a new one.

Moreover, you would want to check if the battery isn’t leaking. In case it is, carefully remove the battery and proceed to rub the affected areas with a cotton swab after it has been dipped in white vinegar. You can then clean up the area with a cotton cloth and then replace the battery as we’ve instructed you. 

Can you charge a MINI Cooper key fob?

Each MINI Cooper key fob has a rechargeable battery that gets charged while it is inserted into the ignition lock when driving. It is important that you use each remote at least twice a year to ensure that its battery status is maintained.

Lost MINI Cooper key fob – what to do?

There are two obvious steps to it :)  You deactivate it to make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands and you replace it (for which BimmerTech is your MINI Cooper’s best friend).

MINI Cooper Key fob deactivation

The first thing you need to do when you lose your key fob is to deactivate it. Why? Because you do not want your key fob to be misused or your car getting stolen. Before ordering a new key fob replacement, you need to deactivate the lost one. 

With our key fob decoding service you’ll make sure your loss will not fall into the wrong hands.

Replace your MINI Cooper key fob

Have you already deactivated your old fob? Great! Let’s move on to the replacement.

Our MINI Key Fob Replacement comes with a pre-set code that matches your specific vehicle. All you need to do to get it is show us the proof of the ownership of your vehicle and we’ll order a new one from the MINI dealership.

Importantly, our MINI Cooper keys do not come with the internal key blade, hence if you're looking for a spare one rather than a replacement, you’ll have to add the optional internal key blade when placing your order. Without it, you’ll find it hard accessing your MINI next time the fob's battery runs flat.

Note: All the fobs are made specifically to order by MINI (that is unique to your specific vehicle). Due to BMW’s policies, all the MINI Cooper key fobs along with other key fobs cannot be canceled or refunded. 

Find out more about MINI Cooper replacement and activation.


With the MINI Cooper key fob, your life as a MINI Cooper owner will become easier. MINI ensures that not only your driving experience is uplifted but the moment you grab the key, you are on a ride to pure bliss. We hope we’ve answered all your queries with this blog. If you feel that we’ve missed out on information regarding the MINI Cooper key fob, please feel free to let us know. We love to know what you think.

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