OEM Rear View Camera Installation in BMW X1 at Mod Squad Motorsports

Nov 8, 2019

OEM Rear View Camera installation in BMW

Mod Squad Motorsports, a custom car shop and BimmerTech certified installer based in Tyrone, GA, is capable of doing any work on your car.

When a BMW dealer mistakenly did not order a backup camera for a customer ordered 2016 X1, Kelly @ Mod Squad stepped up to the plate. He installed the first ever BimmerTech-provided OEM reversing camera kit for the F48 X1, just one of the BMW reverse camera kits available from BimmerTech. Since it was a “first ever” kind of installation, there were small details in the installation that Kelly had to masterfully navigate around. You can check out Mod Squad Motorsports' video explaining the installation process.

Now the BMW dealer can deliver this 2016 X1 to his customer in complete specification just as it was ordered. See for yourself how the OEM camera kit works in a second video from Mod Squad.

Visit Mod Squad Motorports on Facebook. or get your own OEM backup camera from BimmerTech.

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