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My BMW App (BMW Connected App) – The Life Of BMW In Your Pocket

Bianka Rommel

Mar 16, 2021

My BMW App (BMW Connected App) – The Life Of BMW In Your Pocket

You’re very attached to your BMW... obviously. I mean, it’s a B M W, so who wouldn’t be ;)  

But being attached to your car doesn’t have to go with being constantly anxious about its security or condition – at least not anymore.

My BMW remote app (or BMW Connected App as it once was) attaches you to your BMW completely. It lets you get constant updates on your vehicle’s state and location, control its many convenience features and plan your trips ahead – anytime, anywhere, with a few taps on your phone. 

For all of you Bimmer-obsessed folks, it’s the ultimate way to go.   

My BMW remote app

What is My BMW remote app?

The concept of the My BMW app is essentially to create a bridge between you and your BMW when you’re not anywhere near it. It integrates your Apple or Android devices (such as iPhones, smartphones, Apple watches and Amazon Echo) with your car to allow remote interaction with a host of maintenance, security and infotainment features. 

The app is split into three categories: MY LIFE, MY JOURNEY and MY CAR, which store all kinds of information, from your car settings to your smart home connections.

  • MY CAR – category uniting all things car-related. It stores your BMW specification, characteristics, needed service appointments, etc. 
  • MY JOURNEY – section storing everything connected to individual mobility. It holds functions for trip planning, finding parking spots, tracking how long traffic lights are green for, etc.
  • MY LIFE – category integrating mobility needs with lifestyle. It offers information on loyalty programs, BMW events and smart home connections if you have any. 

What about the scope of some actual features? With My BMW remote app you can:

  • Keep things under control: Set the climate control from afar, lock or unlock doors, turn your phone into a car key, check charge and fuel status and get a 3D remote view of your car.
  • Plan your trip: Program destinations before you get into your vehicle with one tap on your phone.
  • Find your vehicle: Always remember where you parked your BMW
  • Be efficient: Track driving efficiency in your BMW i and manage battery charging
  • Always be on time: Schedule your road trips, find nearby parking spots and be informed when to take off based on traffic.
  • Maintain your car: Download over-the-air software upgrades, access Roadside Assistance, schedule service appointments, find dealers, and connect via Alexa.

And do plenty more!

When did My BMW remote app first appear?

Despite appearances, BMW remote apps are not a recent innovation at all. The first generation app appeared in 2013 under the name of BMW I Remote App, which was then followed by the BMW Connected App in 2016 and lastly by 2020’s My BMW remote app. Each was designed as a part of the BMW ConnectedDrive package. 

For those of you in the dark, BMW ConnectedDrive is an umbrella term used to describe a package of cross-platform software systems created to streamline the safety, convenience and infotainment features of BMWs. It consists of: ‘Digital Services’ and ‘Driver Assistance Services’, which display on your infotainment screen, and the ‘My BMW remote app’ visible on your phone or smartwatch.

My BMW remote app vs. BMW Connected app

No quantum leap here guys but definitely a major treat for EV drivers ;) 

Each generation of BMW apps pushed extra tech into your driving experience, increasingly merging the life of your BMW with your own – and this time was no different. Except that the latest premiere was supposed to be a nod to the users of electrified vehicles.

While the BMW Connected app started to allow remote access to vehicle statistics, performing updates to the on-board software or control selected vehicle functions, My BMW remote app improved their overview and extended operational scope. It gives direct access to service facilities (including the ability to make service appointments from within the app), significantly enhances functions for plug-in hybrids and all-electric models (displays electric range, charging status, charging history tracking, programming of charging in a time slot, etc.), and offers more convenient use of maps and navigation (e.g. convenient vehicle location, sending routes from the app to BMW Maps).

Where is My BMW remote app available?

The manufacturer announced that My BMW remote app is currently available in 30 European countries (including Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom,  France, Austria and Switzerland), China and Korea. By mid 2021 it will appear in 40 countries – among others in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and markets in Southeast Asia.

If you are a citizen of a country where My BMW remote app is available, you’ll be able to find it on Apple store and download on your iPhone supported by iOS 12.0 or later. Android users can get it from Google store and add it to their smartphone supporting 6.0 or newer Android version.

What you’ve got to remember though is that despite My BMW remote app works on 2014 and later BMWs, it reaches its true potential only when paired with 2019+ vehicles. So if your BMW comes with an Operating System 5 or 6, some of the features (e.g Amazon Alexa) may not be available for the time being.  

What are the benefits of the My BMW remote app?

Long to tell ;) Being a broad ecosystem of services My BMW remote app features dozens of smaller and larger functionalities. For this specific generation here are the TOP 11 features.

BMW vehicle status

Some things in life are second nature – locking your car is one of them. But how many times has your brain decided to switch off and make you forget whether you actually did it or not? Not the rarest situation I guess…

As luck would have it, My BMW remote app became the omniscient brain of your BMW. It contains all the most vital information on your vehicle status, such as:

  • whether your doors are locked or unlocked
  • windows open or closed
  • the tire pressure level
  • the fuel status
  • the combined range left based on your fuel status
  • status of your control messages (like the level of engine oil)
  • and the last status update

An overview like that… takes your mind off things, doesn’t it?  And the best part, all you have to do to look it up is log into your app and open the vehicle tab. No more turning back to your car – you can safely say farewell to double-checking ;)

See how BMW vehicle status works:


BMW Maintenance & service

What used to stay at the back of your mind is now taken over by the app. 

My BMW remote app includes the ability to check your next service due, tells you when your vehicle needs maintenance, shows you the level of your brake fluid or engine oil and allows you to schedule appointments with one tap. 

That’s right – it’s a 24/7 direct line to your preferred BMW authorized workshop. No booking delays, no waiting on the line – pure convenience. Once scheduled, you can also send the location of your dealer to your BMW map. 

See how to use the BMW dealer services tab:


BMW Driver Personal Profile

As befits a good car owner, you know your BMW so well. But thanks to BMW Personal Profile (BMW ID), your vehicle knows you no less, and is able to recognize your preferred driving settings by the key you’re using. Sharing your car with other drivers? BMW Personal Profile will make the departure process so much quicker!

With BMW Operating System 7, you can save your personal vehicle settings, which are stored in your BMW ConnectedDrive account and allow your car to adjust memory features every time you start the engine. The list includes (among others) regulating: lights, climate control, programmable memory buttons, volumes, tone, driver's seat position, exterior mirror position, steering wheel position, cruise control, navigation and others.

If that wasn’t convenient enough, your BMW ID keeps you connected via all the BMW digital channels – the web, the BMW ConnectedDrive Store and your phone. What that means is you use the above settings in any other car, just by connecting the vehicle to your BMW cloud.

What’s new for BMW Personal Profile in My BMW remote app? Another profile customization feature :) You can now add a personal photo to your BMW ID, which makes it even more clear which driver profile is currently used in the car.

How to add a photo to your BMW ID?

To set a personal profile picture for your BMW ID, go to My BMW app and:

  1. Enter ‘Profile’.
  2. Click on the profile image.
  3. Choose between smartphone photos or take a photo.
  4. Click on ‘Done’.
  5. In your car, make sure you’re logged in with your BMW ID. 
  6. If it’s not activated – click on the picture in a status bar, enter ‘Settings’ and check the synchronize driver profile box. 

BMW Amazon Alexa

‘Alexa, what’s my schedule for today?’

If you’re one of those people who like getting comfy with personal assistants at home, you won’t disdain one in your car – especially something as familiar as Alexa.

With BMW Amazon Alexa car integration, you get unlimited access to the cloud-based voice assistant, which you can activate just by pressing a button on your steering wheel. Ask her anything or give a command –  she’ll check the weather for you or the battery charge, add appointments to your calendar, play your favorite song, control smart home devices and more. All you have to do is meet the following technical requirements:

  • Have a vehicle with iDrive 7.0
  • Download the My BMW remote app
  • Be connected to BMW ConnectedDrive Services
  • Have your car added to your BMW ConnectedDrive Account
  • Have an Amazon Account
  • Have a compatible smartphone connected to the vehicle
  • Mobile data connection of smartphone is needed for streaming services

How to activate BMW Amazon Alexa?

To activate BMW Alexa in your BMW, you’ll have to open My BMW remote app:

  1. Press ‘Profile’.
  2. Choose ‘Amazon Alexa’.
  3. Connect your BMW ID to your Amazon account by pressing ‘Connect’.
  4. Enter your Amazon credentials and press ‘Sign in’.
  5. Choose the Alexa language.
  6. Turn on ‘Share location with Amazon’.

Go to your BMW iDrive and make sure you’re logged in with the same BMW ID as in the app:

  1. Go to ‘Car’.
  2. Enter ‘Settings’.
  3. Choose ‘General settings’.
  4. Tap on ‘Personal Assistant’.
  5. Choose ‘Voice control’.
  6. Check the ‘Online speech process’ and ‘Third party providers’ boxes.
  7. Check the box ‘Activation word’.
  8. In the main iDrive menu go to ‘Com’.
  9. Enter ‘Mobile devices’.
  10. Add ‘New device’.
  11. Select ‘Phone calls and audio’.
  12. After connecting your phone via Bluetooth, check if all 3 icons of phone call and multimedia are active.
  13. Select the connected mobile device.
  14. Check the ‘Allow connection’ box. 

Learn more about BMW iDrive 7.0 and its top features.

BMW Charging management features

Driving an EV finally pays off… not that it was ever too strenuous on your wallet, but it’s definitely a lot easier to find a charging station these days – especially in urban areas where  the alternating current network is becoming increasingly dense. To back it up with some data – the number of public electric charging stations in the US for 2021 reached almost 41k, while charging outlets number nearly 100k – that’s almost twice the growth from the year before.

But what’s in it for you, with My BMW remote app, you can take advantage of that.

The app lets you locate a suitable charging station from BMW’s public charging network – BMW Charging – and unlock it at any time… even for free. How come? Thanks to the introduction of BMW Points, EV drivers are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for free charging – you can view and manage them from the My BMW remote app. 

When it comes to charging management of your fully electric or plug-in hybrid BMW, My BMW app allows you to:

  • check the charging process remotely 
  • see the current charge and driving range state of your car
  • look up the expected remaining charging time (if currently charging)
  • plan the charging ahead (for example to profit from lower electricity prices)
  • get an overview of your BMW’s charging history (including date, time, location, charging duration, used amount of energy, etc.)
  • be notified about charging incidents

See the My BMW remote app charging management features in action:

BMW Locate vehicle

Shopping mall parking lot on a busy Friday afternoon… a true driver’s nightmare. With cars parked like sardines in a can, it’s pretty easy to lose track of your vehicle. Fortunately, My BMW remote app can find your car for you! 

Without being near your car, My BMW remote app locates it using the GPS positioning of the vehicle and shows you directions to your BMW.

How to activate BMW vehicle tracking?

To allow My BMW remote app to locate your vehicle, you need to activate GPS positioning in your vehicle:

  1. In your BMW iDrive, go to ‘Car’.
  2. Enter ‘Settings’.
  3. Choose ‘General settings’.
  4. Select ‘Data privacy’.
  5. Choose ‘Individual selection’.
  6. Tap on ‘App connected and customer portal’.
  7. Select ‘All services including analysis’ In the ‘Data privacy’ menu.

Now you need to allow location access for your app – just open My BMW remote app and select ‘Locate vehicle’.

BMW Remote engine start

No matter where you come from, you know this scenario too well. 

It’s freezing cold or baking hot outside, and you have to head to work, but... you almost feel like giving it a pass for today. Why? It ain’t comfy enough in your car ;)  And let’s face it, we all got too attached to comfort to put up with shivering or melting temperatures so easily… even if it’s only once in a while. At this point, BMW remote start stepped in to fulfill your expectations.

This feature available in BMWs with iDrive 7.0 lets you warm up, cool down or ventilate the vehicle, and defrost it if necessary. For your convenience, you can use it from the My BMW remote app. 


Controlling BMW remote start within the app allows you to start the engine, stop it or plan the preconditioning without having to be anywhere near the vehicle.

Learn how to use BMW Remote Start.

Now, let’s see how to set it up on your iDrive:

  1. Go to ‘Car’.
  2. Then enter ‘Settings’.
  3. Choose ‘Climate Comfort’.
  4. Then select ‘Preconditioning / ventilation’.
  5. And lastly the ‘Remote engine start’ option will pop up for activation.

Need a visualization? Let Dylan guide you!

BMW Digital Key

Unexpectedly, the standard BMW key fob hides quite a few tricks for your car. However, if you want to do the impossible – such as share one key with 5 people at once – My BMW’s Digital Key is your best bet.

Grab the BMW Digital Key and new possibilities open straight away – lock or unlock your car, start the engine, share your key access and restrict certain car features depending on who’s driving your BMW. All of that without using a physical key.

What does it take to get a BMW Digital Key for your car? Well, My BMW remote app may not be enough. Your car should also be equipped with Operating System 7, a factory-original Comfort Access (S322A) and an automatic transmission. But most importantly – your app should be downloaded on an iPhone supported by iOS 13.6 or higher, as for the time being the BMW Digital Key feature is NOT available for Android smartphones.


Planning a trip

Planning trips on a busy day can be stressful. You have to make sure to visit a few places after leaving work, without being late for an important meeting, plus predict where the traffic will be the most congested, so that you don’t get stuck for hours.

See how to update your BMW maps.

With My BMW remote app, your daily journeys become stress-free. You can search for new destinations or personal points of interest within the app, and send them directly to your vehicle. Your BMW Maps will show you the best routes based on traffic information about accidents and traffic flow, and provide you info concerning your points of interest, such as opening hours, payment options or contact details. The route planner can also calculate the exact time of arrival, so should the road conditions worsen the app will suggest an earlier departure time. 

If you have a favourite map app, like Google Maps, you can also transfer destinations from it to My BMW app (but only if it supports the ‘share’ function).

How to send destinations to your BMW with the My BMW App?

In My BMW remote app:

  1. Make sure your BMW is added to your account and click on the ‘Map’ tab.
  2. Type your destination in the search bar.
  3. Select the destination.
  4. Tap on ‘Send to my BMW’.

In your vehicle:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your BMW with the same ID as in the app.
  2. If you’re logged in, accept the proposed guidance when prompted.
  3. Select ‘Nav’.
  4. Choose ‘Receive destinations”.
  5. Pick ‘BMW Connected’.
  6. Lastly, tap on your destination.

See what this process looks like:

How to set up My BMW remote app?

To add My BMW remote app to your vehicle, your car and phone ought to meet the following requirements:

  • BMW produced after 2014 (NOTE: BMWs produced before 2014 are also compatible with My BMW app, however they may not support many app features.)
  • iPhone supported by iOS 12.0 or later
  • Android phone version 6.0 or later

Boxes checked? Now, let’s see how to connect My BMW remote app to your vehicle.

Once you’ve downloaded the app from Apple store or Google store open it and:

  1. Log in with your BMW ID or create a new account.
  2. Define a 4 digit PIN.
  3. Press ‘Add vehicle’.
  4. Enter the 17 digits of your VIN and confirm.
  5. The security code will be sent to your vehicle – you’ll find it in your iDrive’s ‘BMW messages’ tab.
  6. Enter the security code and confirm it.
  7. Press ‘Enable remote services’.

And you’re all set!

How to disconnect My BMW app on iPhone?

To delete your vehicle from My BMW Connected account in My BMW remote app, go to the app’s menu and enter the ‘Vehicle’ tab. There you can choose the car to be deleted from the account, so confirm ‘Delete’ and you’re done.


Considering all the features My BMW remote app offers – from checking the health status of your car to controlling your vehicle remotely – could you ask for a better digital partner to your BMW? The app opens up a world of possibilities in connecting to your car any time, anywhere, from multiple devices. All you gotta do is reach into your pocket.

My BMW remote app gathers a host of features, so if you feel like we didn’t mention a crucial one, leave us a comment down below. We’d be happy to know what your take on it is!


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