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BMW Display Key - keep up to date with your car wherever you go

Bianka Rommel

Oct 20, 2020

BMW Display Key - keep up to date with your car wherever you go

As the latest generations of BMW models are progressively equipped with high-tech features, not a single detail or addon misses out on being modernized and perfected — including the BMW key fob. Its’ upgrades have mostly been in the last few years, when it went from having basic features such as simple remote unlocking, up to more advanced, like keyless entry for cars with Comfort Access. Yet, the most up to date key fob version so far is the BMW Display Key with fully-featured touchscreen.

BMW display key

If you need a replacement for your previous BMW Display Key, this short guide will help you decide where to find the highest quality Display Key that would be the safest option and suit your vehicle perfectly. Dig in!  

What is BMW Display Key

BMW Display Key, introduced for the G11 7 Series and now available for a few other premium models, is considered an unusual device, as it goes beyond what is expected from a standard key fob. It’s basically an advanced type of BMW smart key that has a full-colour LCD touch screen and 985 ft functional range. This remote control gadget, apart from letting you lock and unlock your doors, makes it possible to access plenty of information about your vehicle remotely.

So how does the BMW Display Key work?

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Which BMW has Display Key

The BMW Display Key was primarily built for the G11 7 Series but now there are OEM versions accessible for almost all current G - Series models - their availability however may vary depending on the country. 

What you can also find while searching for a Display Key are the aftermarket versions of varying quality keys offered for almost all current F and G Series models, including 3 Series F30, 5 Series F10, X5 G05 or X3 G01. 

At BimmerTech we offer OEM replacement Display Keys for those BMW owners who already bought a car with Display Key but want to replace it. The keys that we offer are ordered directly from BMW,  so are of the highest quality and suit your model perfectly. 

Want to replace your Display Key? Order an original Display Key in here.

If you’re preparing to change your key for a new one, learn all about replacing BMW key fobs.

What does BMW Display Key do

The list of BMW Display Key features is quite impressive. Besides locking and unlocking your car you can among others: 

  • check whether your doors and windows are locked or unlocked 
  • check the fuel range and the level of a brake fluid 
  • open and close the trunk 
  • see if the alarm is turned on
  • see what are your battery voltages
  • schedule air conditioning in your vehicle
  • monitor your upcoming service requirements

If there’s an issue in your car that has to be addressed, the key will inform you what needs to be taken care of. 

BMW Sound the horn

Have you ever lost a track of your BMW in a crowded parking lot? This Display Key functionality will help you find your car among dozens of other vehicles. Just press the sound the horn button on the upper right side of the key and wait for your car to honk a couple of times. It’s a very simple way of identifying your BMW.

BMW Remote Engine Start

Another nifty feature of the BMW Display Key that can make any driver feel like they’re in a Bond movie is the Remote Engine Start. It allows the driver to start and stop the car’s engine from afar, only by pressing a start/stop button on the Display Key. Once pressed, the key starts the engine in about 5 seconds. Yet, if the vehicle doesn’t set off in 15 minutes, the engine stops automatically.  

Remote Engine Start is especially helpful in winter and summer, as it helps to start your car in order to warm up or cool the interiors before you even get in.

NOTE: For your BMW Display Key to be compatible with this option your car has to have the Remote Start feature coded beforehand. 

Check how the Remote Engine Start works in this video:

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BMW Comfort Access

This Display Key feature really comes in handy whenever you’ve got your hands full and can’t take the BMW key out of your pocket or bag. If you are at a range of up to 5 ft from your BMW, Comfort Access will allow you to unlock your car by placing your hand inside the handle, or lock it with a single touch on the handle ridges. 

Furthermore, thanks to the BMW comfort access trunk antenna, you can also  extend keyless entry to opening your trunk. All you have to do is touch the handle and wait for the trunk lid to unlock. 

See how Comfort Access works for yourself.

NOTE: The Comfort Access feature will be available on your Display Key only if it's active in your BMW beforehand.

Want to know more about BMW Comfort Access? Check out our article.

BMW Remote Control Parking

Out of all touch screen key fob features, the most outstanding is undoubtedly remote control parking. It enables you to move your car forwards and backwards from outside the BMW only by pressing arrows on the LCD screen. What can be a little tricky about it, though, is the fact that while operating the vehicle with the arrows, you have to hold a button on the side of the fob throughout the entire process. Not sure whether you could manage the procedure unscathed? Don’t worry. The Display Key uses sensors to alert you about the distance of other objects or cars to your vehicle, so will keep your BMW from hitting anything. Also, the fob will move your vehicle at most 1.5 car lengths and at a speed of one mile per hour, minimizing the possibility of causing any damage to your BMW. 

Remote control parking is especially convenient in tight spaces, when you try to avoid shimmying alongside your car to and from the door. But, what’s important, to enjoy this feature, your BMW MUST be equipped with Remote Control Parking. Otherwise, prepare yourself to go without, as BimmerTech doesn’t offer any Remote Control Parking upgrades for BMW. 

See how Remote Control Parking works:

BMW Display Key wireless charging

A great comfort about the BMW Display Key (which  you won't find in all standard key fobs) is a rechargeable battery. While standard key fobs are currently equipped with non-rechargeable batteries that last up to 3 years and require replacement, this revolutionary Display Key can be wirelessly charged in your car while driving. That’s surely a major treat for those BMW drivers who keep forgetting about buying new batteries, as now they don’t have to bother themselves with any of it. 

How to charge BMW Display Key

To charge your Display Key, all you have to do is insert it in the charging pocket with the lock button on the key fob facing upwards. You’ll find the charging pocket under the center console, on the side closest to the driver’s seat. Once your key is properly set, make sure that the blue LED light turns on — it’ll indicate that the Display Key is charging. If the light is not on, try to reposition the key until it lights up.

If the Display Key won’t charge at all, it may mean that your battery has completely died. If that happens, first check with your dealership for options. Some BMW models may allow for battery replacement while others will require replacing the whole key.

Take a look at this video to see how to charge the Display Key

BMW Display Key installation

If you’re buying a replacement Display Key from BimmerTech, you don’t need to do any coding to make it work with your specific BMW.

BMW Display Key activation

Even though your replacement Display Key doesn’t require any coding, it will still need to be activated before use. 

Activation is a child’s play. All you have to do is hold your new key fob flat against the low key battery indicator on the side of the steering column. Then hold the start/stop button until the 'no key' warning light disappears. Press the start/stop button again to confirm activation was successful. And you’re done!

Can I reprogram a used BMW Display Key?

If you’ve got a used Display Key, or one produced for some other BMW, you’ll not be able to program it with our services. Most of the key fobs sold on marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay fall in this category.

For security reasons, your BMW allows activating key fobs only with one of a predefined list of identifying keys. This list of validated OEM Display Keys is unique to every BMW, so it prevents thieves from pairing other key fobs with your car. Reprogramming your BMW or a second-hand Display Key to allow for pairing them would require modifying main parts of your vehicle’s anti-theft system, leaving it less secured.

How much is BMW Display Key

The pricing of Display Keys can be misleading. When searching for one on the internet, you’ll see that many Display Keys are sold for $250 or less — do not be deceived by those prices. If you’re searching for a high-quality OEM Display Key fob and you see it priced at $250, keep in mind that it is USED and may be reprogrammed for another vehicle. Lower priced key fobs may also be aftermarket ones that don’t guarantee good performance.

So, if you’re keen on having an original and secure Display Key for your BMW, you’ll most likely have to spend more than $250. In return you’ll have the safest and most unique pairing with your vehicle.

Where to buy BMW Display Key

If you wonder how to get a BMW Display Key or prepare for a Display Key fob replacement, we definitely recommend ordering it only from a BMW dealership or a legitimate third-party reseller, such as BimmerTech.

As a precautionary measure, all BimmerTech customers are required to send evidence of car ownership before we can ship a new Display Key. In order to do that, just email a copy of your BMW’s registration document and driver’s license with the same name to [email protected], complete with your order number. 



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