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What Is the Future of Automotive Technology?


Apr 20, 2020

BMW's newest technology innovations

This Year BMW celebrates its 100th birthday. On this occasion, we also asked you to imagine your dream car. Some of you had quite innovative ideas:

The best new feature: Self Cleaning Paintwork to restore your car to Showroom Condition after an exhilarating drive through the country.

I’d like to see BMW return to their roots as an Airplane engine manufacturer, creating an entirely new line of hybrid automobile/aircraft. Using the I8 as the basis, include state of the art electrical jet propulsion that would allow for the ultimate driving machine to become the ultimate flying/driving machine.

But we weren’t very surprised to hear that most of you are very satisfied with your BMWs just the way they are. It’s no accident that BMW is called the ultimate driving machine.
I am plain and simple, just an E60 M5 stick shift with AWD, the perfect car when you live in a cold climate. Speed, power and you can drive the car in the winter.

My dream BMW would be the F10 I own now! It has everything that I would want and more. I love my 535 M sport. The only drawback is when I bought the car it didn't come with a rear camera. But I know the people at BimmerTech will fix that. 

It's hard to think about another vehicle or feature for BMW because they already cover many types of vehicles and vehicle features, but I would like to see an Ariel Atom type vehicle from BMW with advanced features. It would also be a good idea to make Driver Assistance Plus a Standard feature so that roads can be safer.

And what does BMW actually have in store for the next 100 years?

On March 7th our favorite car manufacturer announced BMW VISION NEXT 100. Its objective: to create cars that truly accompany their drivers – produced from the most innovative materials, highly efficient and sustainable and providing the best tailor-made experience for even most demanding drivers.

BMW’s vision is a vehicle that interacts continuously with the driver. A companion that senses your needs, enhances your perception, adjusts to your individual requirements and supports you in every driving situation.

Moreover, BMW understands that vehicles of the future will be judged increasingly by the impact they have on people and the environment. This is no longer just a question of energy consumption and CO2-emissions. Production processes, sourcing of materials and their recyclability will also play a crucial role.

Last but not least, BMW knows what drivers need when it comes to the driving experience. The company believes that future drivers will have a choice between taking the wheel or sitting back while the car drives itself. Their response is called Ease Mode – fully-automated driving allowing the driver to relax, work or be entertained and Boost Mode – providing the driver with an active driving experience in a vehicle customized to their preferences. Switching from one mode to another will take no more than a touch of the BMW logo in the middle of the steering wheel.

What features will become a reality in 10, 20 or 100 years? All we need do is follow BMW’s newest technology innovations to see where the road takes us. We can’t help but be excited. How about you?

If you feel like your older car isn’t keeping up with the pace, let us bring you up to speed with the latest technological upgrades!

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