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Reasons To Love BMW


Nov 8, 2019

Reasons to love BMW

If there’s anything we all share – it’s a love affair with BMW! And there are as many reasons to love our cars as there are BMW owners. 
We used Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to share our top 3 reasons with you: 

1) There are no bad roads – only opportunities for new driving adventures.
2) It looks good EVERYWHERE. 
3) The BMW slogan couldn't be more true. It really is the Ultimate Driving Machine, especially with the BimmerTech upgrades ;) 

The responses we got back showed us just how head over heels you are! We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did. 

Some of you value unquestioning obedience: 
No matter how I handle her, she never says NO! 

Others enjoy the grandeur of a premium driving experience: 
Driving a BMW makes you feel like you’ve conquered the world! 

Thanks to BimmerTech, my BMW 530d M Sport drives and looks like a Tornado fighter jet.

One reminisced about a past romantic encounter: 
I parked up at the beach with my fiancé. The next thing we knew, the police were shining their flashlights in at us. They laughed it off in good spirits, even gave their siren a wale as they left for extra embarrassment. They said they only noticed because the halos were on but the car looked parked. Tip to BMW drivers, if the key is still in – the halos stay on. I found this out the hard way. 

Many just couldn’t feel any closer to their cars: 
Just like the unspoken love shared between father and child. The love I feel when I start my F80 is indescribable. The worst drive home is still better than a good day at work. Your car is the only girlfriend you can love without your wife getting mad (maybe just a little jealous). BimmerTech loves your car like you do. 

Beautiful, slim and curvy … the way the seat hugs me and the way I grip the’s breath-taking! Here are some reasons why I love my BMW. 
1. It’s a different experience driving a bimmer; switched from a Mercedes to an Inifinity to a BMW. Once you go BMW, you won’t go back. 
2. It’s a great ride; as the slogan says, it’s the ultimate driving machine. 
3. The ladies love them. 
4. It goes "broom, broom". 
5. My daughter thinks it’s the best car she’s been in; I have to agree with her on this one. 


Here's to the love between man and machine!

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